Announcing KDE 3.3 Beta 2 "Kollege"

The KDE Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KDE 3.3 Beta 2. As another step towards the aKademy in late August, this release is named Kollege. This beta release shows astonishing stability, so the KDE team asks everyone to try the version and give feedback through the bug tracking system. For a list of new features skim over the KDE 3.3 Feature Plan. For packages, please visit the KDE 3.3 Beta 2 Info Page and browse the KDE 3.3 Requirements List. The Konstruct build toolset has been updated for this release. Please note that the kdepim, kdevelop and kdewebdev modules also compile on KDE 3.2 systems.

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by Shulai (not verified)

I'm running it right now in a Slackware 10 testing installation I have alongside my main one. Seems pretty smooth, KWord seems nicer the last time I checked at it (long time ago), and Quanta WYSIWYG mode works even better than 3.2 stable version.
The only complaining in this 20 minutes are the Google combo (I'm happy with web shortcuts, it is just a useless widget taking space for me), I didn't find the way to get rid of it.

BTW KHTML is rendering this very page too wide in default size, I'm not sure if it's a render problem or just the text area is too big.

I'm not sure about upgrading now, as this is an aging computer, I should get some newer guts for it before doing it (too old to compile myself in reasonable time, too slow to keep upgrading to newer Linuxes with binaries available), but I'm very happy with Kollege anyway.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> I didn't find the way to get rid of it.

Settings/Configure Toolbars...

by p (not verified)

It would be nice to make the 'Location:' area a dropdown that lists all available search shortcuts.. gg:, ggi:, sf:, etc.. the default could be url: or just location:. it would provide the same basic functionality as the search toolbar but without taking extra space. and it would help show what options are available (i didn't realize imdb was there, for instance.) when using firefox, i am always frustrated with having to use a separate text box for search terms.

by that guiser (not verified)

Good idea, please fill a wishlist item, comment on a relevant entry in the bugzilla db or personally knock down any first KDE Developer you see and threaten him to implement this feature asap.

by Shulai (not verified)

Your idea simply rocks. Simple, elegant, easy to use and easy to find by newcomers. I'll vote for it in the bugs database.

by tomislav (not verified)

Idea really rocks... that it the thing that I really missed, but my ideas how to solve that were far less elegant.

I'll vote for this too if it appears in db.

by ac (not verified)

Tried Beta2 here and was hoping to hear the new sounds ( ), but I still heard the old ones.

Anyone know when they will be replaced by the new ones?

Anyway, trying out the 3.3 series for the first time, I was "shocked" to see how fast directories with many files and directories load. Many things have improved, but jeez, directories load fast now..

by Anonymous (not verified)

The new sounds are already in CVS HEAD now.