KDE 3.3 About to Finish: Public Release Candidate 2

We have already received a lot of feedback to our KDE 3.3 Betas, so we can release a public Release Candidate. We want to have this tested as soon as possible, so we didn't wait for vendor binaries. So please test the sources if you have experience in this (or use Konstruct).
You can download the Release Candidate from download.kde.org.

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by xiando (not verified)

ack 20+ console windows

- Gentoo 2004.2
- KDE CVS compiled Sun Aug 8
- Fluxbox WM

(yes, no KDE running, konqueror&, hold F4, screen filled with konsoles)

by Janne (not verified)

"bugs.kde.org has approx. 7000 open bug reports, we can't fix those before KDE 3.3"

How many of those bugs are still relevant? I mean, how many of them are from old version of KDE that are not that widely used anymore? Or bugs from old version that have been fixed in newer version? Maybe the reports should be checked for reports that are not relevant anymore. That way we would have a bit more realistic idea about the number of bugs.

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

Indeed. And the good news is that everyone can help with that! Go over to bugs.kde.org check out your favorite bugs and use the comment field to report whether the issue can still be reproduced with KDE 3.3!

Oldest bugs first please.

by Janne (not verified)

"And the good news is that everyone can help with that! Go over to bugs.kde.org check out your favorite bugs and use the comment field to report whether the issue can still be reproduced with KDE 3.3!"

You know what? I will be doing exactly that :)!

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

in advance: thank you.

the more people combing the bug database and providing useful feedback (stress on the word "useful") the better.

by anon (not verified)

perhaps someone can organize a bug cleansing day--- it's worked well for the gnome and kontact folks.

by Anonymous (not verified)

It works well? bugzilla.gnome.org (not including eg Evolution) has 12600+ open reports (including wishes, KDE has 13700+). So not really such a difference and bug days don't seem to be the solution everyone is despairingly seeking for such report masses.

by anon (not verified)

Look at /unconfirmed/ bugs at gnome compared to kde.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Unconfirmed: GNOME 3300+, KDE 8800+. Dunno what conclusion you can draw from this: Does GNOME confirm (many) wishes? Are GNOME confirmed reports regularly retested if they are still current?

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Maybe the reports should be checked for reports that are not relevant anymore.

You're really the first one with this idea. Please start doing that immediately!

by Janne (not verified)

I will. How about you?

by Anonymous (not verified)

I will watch your comments.

by a mysterious an... (not verified)

This is something even non-programmers can do, and for any bug database. It helps programmers spend more time coding, too.

So, search on an area you're familiar with using, and get testing!

If the bug is still valid, but incomplete, reducing it to the simplest testcase possible helps.

If the bug is no longer valid, comment with which relevant versions you have, and how you tested.

Don't just make comments of the form "I NEED THIS FIXED KTHX BYE" though. It makes the bugs harder to read, and therefore means they are *less* likely to be fixed quickly.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Roughly 750 bugs are from KOffice, so they are not relevant for KDE 3.3

Have a nice day!

by Anonymous (not verified)

If you start like this, then there are also k3b, valgrind, boson and other wrongly counted into the 7k amount. :-)

by Carlo (not verified)

While I'm at it - Kate/Settings/General Options/Startup:

enable all three checkboxes.

1. edit some file, save and close kate, delete the file, open kate, nice useless warning!? btw. could such warnings be added to a log tab, instead having to click a pupup dialog out of the way?
2. open kate, open another file with kate from cmd - great: did I say I want a second instance? No.
3. play around with the above and watch the file list handling
4. still too much broken/ugly syntax highlighting

by Senatore (not verified)

I have a problem with KOrganizer crashing right when I try to start it. And I can't exit from fullscreen in any KDE app. Other things work very nicely thanks!

by ... (not verified)

> And I can't exit from fullscreen in any KDE app

Ouch, confirmed. Bad one.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Not confirmed, try qt-copy with patches applied.

by Senatore (not verified)

Tried with qt-copy from KDE CVS and both problems are still here. Are there any extra patches I need to apply?

by Anonymous (not verified)

I meant those in qt-copy/patches/ which are to be applied with apply_patches script.

by Senatore (not verified)

Using QT 3.3.3 from qt-copy now and all patches applied all kde recompiled and both problems are still here :(

And it looks like I'm not alone with these two bugs. They have been reported some time ago:

by jmk (not verified)

Is this a 3.3 regression (horrid rendering)? AFAIK this used to work. However, its msnbc so you never know :/

Another sure-to-be regression on my boxes seems to be that parts of icons occasionally vanish (especially when using konqueror as a file manager - folders, or parts of a folder icon, disappear until mouse is moved on top of them). Oh - and it might be the same bug - while writing this edit boxes (name, email, attachment) disappear in similar manner (post reply form). Box is SUSE 9.1 with latest Nvidia shonk.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Konqueror's icon view, using my regular user account, doesn't show any previews anymore. A fresh user's konquerer does. There must be something wrong with the config -- but I'm not sure what.

by Gerard Delafond (not verified)

The same for me.
It does it on Mandrake 10.0 (kde 3.2.0 pre) and on KDE 3.3 beta.
It stopped working when I asket for bigger previews.


by Anonymous (not verified)

> Konqueror's icon view, using my regular user account, doesn't show any previews anymore

Same here.

Ok, I haven't tried KDE3.3_rc2 so it's possible that the problems I have discovered in KDE3.3_beta2 are already solved. I have noticed three things that worked in 3.2 but not in 3.3(beta2).
- in kopete from KDE3.2 I was able to save the password "insecure" and therefor didn't need to use kwallet for kopete. I have kopete in my autostart so it's kinda anoying to enter a password everytime I login. The real solution is to make it possible in kwallet to allow no passwords (bug 78505), but in KDE3.2 I was able to bypass kwallet for kopete. In 3.3 (beta2) I needed to disable kwallet because a mandatory (extra) login was too anoying. Unfortunately I need to remember (or administer) logins on websites now. I think this is a degradation in usabillity compared to KDE3.2
- although it doesn't bother me to much but I noticed that flash doesn't work anymore in KDE3.3_beta2. Needless to say this worked fine in KDE3.2
- It's now necessary in Remote Desktop Connection to have rdesktop 1.3.2 installed if you want to connect to a RDP-client. Unfortunatelly rdesktop 1.3.2 hasn't been released yet. I know this problem will solve itself eventually. We are using KDE for our administrator servers in the company I work and use Remote Desktop Connection a lot to administer our clients. We won't migrate to KDE3.3 before rdesktop 1.3.2 is released or the distribution we use (Gentoo) provide a patched rdesktop. This worked in KDE3.2 as well.

Of course there are more wishes/bugs to fix in KDE3.3 (+ 7000), but you explicitly asked for "degredations" compared to KDE3.2.

Just for the record; I think KDE3.3 will be an outstandig release and I'm looking forward to the final release. Besides the items I mentioned above I have noticed a lot of improvements that will make KDE even better.

Forgot one thing. I noticed that in KDE3.3 (beta2) I have lost the "Metadata-tab" when I view the properties of an OGG-file (vorbis). When I boot with KDE3.2 I have no trouble viewing the metadata of OGG-files.

by Scott Wheeler (not verified)

There haven't been any changes to the Ogg KFile plugin since KDE 3.2 (other than some capitalization changes). Make sure that you installed kdemultimedia with 3.3 and that you have the appropriate libraries installed when rebuilding (i.e. read the configure output).

Unless the library requirements have changed for KDE3.3 I'm all set. I have build KDE3.3(beta2) including kdemultimedia on the same machine as KDE3.2 (gotta love Gentoo slots) I can see the metadata from all other filetypes (e.g. mp3, avi) but not ogg. When I load KDE3.2 I can see the metadata from ogg-files just fine. I haven't checked the configure output but if nobody else have problems with ogg-metadata then it will be a problem with my setup (or the Gentoo-ebuild, but I find that hard to believe). Anyway if I install the RC and still have problems I will diagnose a little better and report it to bugs.gentoo.org or bugs.kde.org depending on configure output.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have also problems with meta information. Initially Konqueror icon view does not show meta info tooltips. But when you change to Info List View you see that kfile plugins are working! When switching back to Icon View you also have meta info tooltips there - until you press e.g. Reload then they are gone again.

by Jason Keirstead (not verified)

Kopete Issue - THe reason this has never been looked at is because the problem is really in KWallet, as you point out. However. there is a trick you can do to work around this - if you happen to have an old copy of your $KDEHOME/share/config/kopeterc around.

Kopete will check that file for the unencrypted passwords *before* it querys the wallet. So, if you set RememberPassword=true for all those accounts, and copy over the obfuscated password field, Kopete should not prompt you for the wallet.

Flash Issue - Flash works fine for me in current KDE CVS. Are you using the latest flash plugin? Does it show up in your Konqueror plugins listing?

> However. there is a trick you can do to work around this - if you happen to have an old copy of your $KDEHOME/share/config/kopeterc around

Nice tip, I don't have an old copy around but I can make a new one. I will try this later.

> Flash Issue - Flash works fine for me in current KDE CVS. Are you using the latest flash plugin? Does it show up in your Konqueror plugins listing?

I have version 6.0.81 installed and the plugins show up in the Konqueror plugin listing. I will try later with version 7.0.25.

Thanks for the feedback.

by Caleb Tennis (not verified)

Requirements update (http://www.kde.org/info/requirements/3.3.php)

Seems that kdemultimedia (namely, JuK) now would like to have tunepimp and musicbrainz installed, neither of which are listed on the above page. Also, taglib is a biggy for that packages, and it is also not listed on that page.

Can we get an update to the requirements on the status of those libraries (and any others that people can think of that aren't listed...)

by Caleb Tennis (not verified)

Open Motif which is listed as a dep of kdebase can be removed, Iebelive, as the nsplugins are now free of that dependency.

by Marko van Dooren (not verified)

1) In kmail, when clicking the URL to display a html mail, it doesn't show the html, but the attachment icon. If you click again on the html document in the message structure viewer, it works again.

2) I just tried to type in the URL bar in konqueror (RC1), but it wouldn't work. With a new konqueror, it does work.

3) kget segfaults when starting: *** KGet got signal 11

I compiled it in gentoo

Good luck, and many thanks for a great desktop environment

by Marko van Dooren (not verified)

Oh yeah, and none of my keyboard shortcut work anymore until I make a change to a shortcut (even setting it to the same value) and apply it.


Kget has been having the same trouble here also, with all of the kde 3.3 releases.

by Lukas Tinkl (not verified)

2) and 3) were fixed, dunno about 1)

by Thomas McGuire (not verified)

3) is not fixed, KGet still crashes when started from KMenu.
However, it works fine when started from Konsole or from
within Konqueror.
The really strange thing in KGet is that the crash handler
(DrKonqi) is never shown...

by Paul Eggleton (not verified)

Personally I've found KGet pretty unstable in beta 2 - it segfaults quite regularly while downloading, and next time it gets started the download is gone, although it seems to resume correctly most of the time when you re-add it. It doesn't seem to matter where you start it from, although I usually start it from within Konqueror.

I am just installing rc2 and will submit a bug with more info, assuming there isn't one there already (last time I looked at b.k.o. there were quite a few crash bug entries logged against KGet).

by Thomas McGuire (not verified)

This is now fixed in RC2 or in HEAD.
It crashed exactly every 10 minutes, when KGet tried to save the transferlist.

by Paul Eggleton (not verified)

This does seem to be the cause, although it is not fixed in RC2 (Tobias Koenig's bugnote says KDE_3_3_0_BRANCH and HEAD).


by JW (not verified)

Countries that were available in kweather in kde 3.2.x are gone.

For example:

Asia/Thailand (had several cities in kde3.2.x) is gone.

There is a bug report that is not progressing much:

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

You make a good point that regressions are more important to fix.

When I report what I think is a regression, I start the title in bugzilla with:


I would suggest that this be made the standard practice and that bugzilla be programed to have a canned search (like JJ) for this.


by Thomas McGuire (not verified)

KSysguard flickers extremly when system is under 100% load, worked fine a few weeks ago (I think).

1) Bug #82090 is a regression. If I want to use multiple tabs and ever want to scroll the first tab, I need to use one of two workarounds:

Open a dummy first tab that I will then close after I have two real tabs open.
Or, deselect 'Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open' so that the tab bar is always visible.

If I don't do one of these, scrolling on the first tab results in newly visible areas being black.

2) I also had the problem that the Name, Email, and Title edit boxes only had the left 10 pixels or so visible until I moved the mouse over them which resulted in a repaint. That bug may have been around in 3.2, though, too, so it may not be a regression.

by Jeff Stuart (not verified)

The repaint problem is not specific to Konqi. Every once in a while, kmail does it to me too.

by Inge Wallin (not verified)

There is an irritating bug in KDEGames/Kreversi

When you start a new game, you can not choose the color. Instead you start out as black and if you want to play white you can choose "Game->Switch Sides" in the Game menu. When you do this, the computer says something like "Your score will not go into the highscore list (I am not at home right now so I can't check the exact message).

This is generally ok, since switching sides could be seen as cheating. It is, however, *not* OK before the first move. This way you can never play white and get your score into the highscore list, at least not on the first move.

This worked fine in 3.2.

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

Thanks, fixed.