KDE 3.3 About to Finish: Public Release Candidate 2

We have already received a lot of feedback to our KDE 3.3 Betas, so we can release a public Release Candidate. We want to have this tested as soon as possible, so we didn't wait for vendor binaries. So please test the sources if you have experience in this (or use Konstruct).
You can download the Release Candidate from download.kde.org.

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by jmk (not verified)

Insane rendering with any computerworld article. Example :

by Gustavo Sverzut... (not verified)


I have some one line patches to fix some issues:

== Universal SideBar flickers too much ==
Patch: http://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=7057&action=view

== Fix QTimer delay in KIconDialog ==
Just the Patch: http://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=7067&action=view

== Correct wrong icon size in KPropertiesDialog ==
Patch: http://bugs.kde.org/attachment.cgi?id=7056&action=view

by Jay Pee (not verified)

The gg: shortcut still does not work with my minicli (Alt+F2). There is an open bugreport for that. #84757

by Hooded One (not verified)

Haven't searched for bugs on most of these yet, but...

"Align to grid" for desktop icons is way off. There is at least one icon worth of space between icons.

KDCOP hangs on startup, after loading the UI but before populating the list.

KPilotDaemon does not automatically restore itself on startup, even if I have automatic session saving on and the appropriate pref in KPilot settings.

The splash screen (a very nice one, I might add!) doesn't show the percentage indicator until close to the very end.

Finally, even though it's not exactly a regression since 3.2 didn't have this at all, the Google search field in Konqueror doesn't always appear. Right now it seems to be hidden when I first open a window, but appears after I minimize and restore the window.

I'm using the SuSE-built packages that are now available.

by Hooded One (not verified)

Message dialogs in Kate (asking if you want to save a document, for example) are of the wrong dimensions.

Konqueror periodically does not respond to double- or middle-clicking on files or folders to open them.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Konqueror periodically does not respond to double- or middle-clicking on files or folders to open them.

In list views? Watch if it works if you click on the text of the file/folder.

by Hooded One (not verified)

Mmm... nope. I was using list view and clicking on the text in the first place. I can most reliably trigger this bug by clicking once on a file/folder to select it, then trying to double-click that one. But this doesn't always trigger the bug, and sometimes it gets triggered by something else.

However, I did just try clicking on the icon part in list view, and that appears to work fine every time, even when clicking on the text has just failed. Freaky.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> The splash screen doesn't show the percentage indicator until close to the very end.

That's intentional, it shows the progress for the last item (restoring session) as in previous versions.

by Hooded One (not verified)

Ah, ok. That makes some sense, I suppose. I'm not quite sure what's the point of having the progressbar for just one part of the startup process though. Actually, I'm not even sure the progressbar is necessary at all, since the icons already fulfil that function.

by Lubos Lunak (not verified)

The progressbar shows progress during the last phase (i.e. last icon), during which all session saved apps are restored. Since the amount of those varies, you can't have icons for those indeed. It used to work that way until KDE3.2.0, when replacing the old KSplash with KSplashML broke it (and the progressbar until the recent fix really didn't fullfil any useful function).

by soda (not verified)

"Align to grid" for desktop icons is way off. There is at least one icon worth of space between icons.

A lot of space that is really annoying. Isn't away to change this manually?

by Andreas (not verified)

arts crashes
intermittend droppouts of sound when it does not crash

As subject says, it's a regression or maybe I'm too dumb to find the way to remove this not useful (to me) button on my Konqueror web-browser

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

While it works perfectly while reproducing CD in the "classic" way, the volume slider in KsCD doesn't work at all in digital playback mode.

by Jaco (not verified)

With the 3.2 release there was a lot of hoopla around the Exchange functionality and how it has been pushed back for the KDE PIM 3.3 release, which was due to follow a "month or two afterwards".

As we are nearing final 3.3 release, there is not much, if anything, said around the Exchange functionality and a nice clear integration. So I'll ask it here:

Without WebDAV access (Outlook Web Access enabled on the server), can I access my calendar and respond to appointments via Kontact? I'm running 3.3 Beta 2 on my SuSE box and have looked/serached far and wide for anything of the old Kolab nature that will help us break the bounds and interact in the corporate environment. Well, when our company eventually moves to the OWA enabled server in the next 6 months, I know that I could try the Kontact Exchange plugin and/or give Evolution *cough* a go. (Nothin against Evolution, I just like Kontact, personal preference...)


by Jan-Pascal van Best (not verified)

The Exchange stuff in Kontact still needs WebDAV enabled on the server, since this is the only protocol with at least some docs.

I am the one who developed the initial Exchange plugin. It was planned to include Exchange support as an full Calendar resource for KDE 3.3 (which means transparant support for Exchange, work with your Exchange calendar as if it were a local calendar), but I have unfortunately not had any time to work on it since more than half a year, and it will be at least a couple of months before I will resurface again. I know that has been work on the Exchange resource because OpenGroupware (?) is using (almost) the same protocol, but I haven't followed it.

Anyways, the source is open, go hack!


by Jaco (not verified)

Yip, source is open, but I even don't have enough time lately to support my own OSS projects :) (So that one is pretty slim...)

Thanks for the update.


by Greg (not verified)

What I'd really like to see is a kmail for support for exchange over webdav.

by Jason Keirstead (not verified)

Note that just because you are moving to an OWA server does not mean you will have WebDAV.

The server admin can enable OWA without enabling DAV. My work server is set up this way.


Please don't tell us why and how.

It's barely intelligible to those who like to read genuine English.

If you can't already tell, then you don't need to know :)

by Andrew (not verified)

If someone wants to use this, go ahead :-)


The latest version of KDE beta 3.3 has been released.

This version has already received a lot of feedback and has been deemed stable enough for a public release candidate. The KDE team requests that all testers try and break this release as soon as possible, as the bug reports are invaluable to the developers.

Please note that binary packages will not be available for this version. Then source code can be downloaded from download.kde.org (or alternately use the excellent Konstruct build tool).

by charles (not verified)

...is the ability to debug PHP is Quanta. I hope I will be able to track a variable's value as code is executed. This wasted lots of my time in the past. Kudos to Eric and his team.

by Linus (not verified)

Quanta will have the ability to debug php with the help of Gubed PHP Debugger, http://gubed.sf.net (we've implemented a general debugger plugin system, which would allow also for other debuggers, PHP or not, but currently theres only one plugin available)

Unfortunately, we didnt have time to include all the features we wanted, but the basic stuff like checking the value of variables and stopping at breakpoints is there.

Make sure to let the developers know of how it works for you!


by tom (not verified)

a tutorial "Debugging PHP scripts with Quanta Plus and Gubed PHP Debugger" can be found here:


by GJ Eldering (not verified)


Did a update tru apt-get - synaptic to 3.3.0-1, after that the screensavers are not working any more?????
With 3.2.92-1 all was oke.

Thanks Gerrit Jan

by Anonymous (not verified)

Could be a binary package problem. Work fine here.

Same here with 3.3 Final version. Suse 9.1.

by GJ Eldering (not verified)

I have the same problem....
Only the fireworks works!

by Beeblebrox (not verified)

After upgrading to KDE 3.3 only few of them are working for me...

by GJ Eldering (not verified)

this will fix it (as root)

ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver /usr/lib

ln -s /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xscreensaver/config/ /etc/xscreensaver

by Beeblebrox (not verified)

G.J., thanks a 1,000,000 :)
It's working perfectly now (another note to my personal Linux FAQ).

by Linux Newbee (not verified)

Nice GJ,

It worked for me too, and now my day is saved. I just forgot the space in ..../xscreensaver(space)/usr/...., but when i got that it worked perfect.


by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

Greetings, peeps,

It's RC*2* already? What happened to RC1?

by Anonymous (not verified)

http://download.kde.org/unstable/3.3.0rc1/src/ - but it was intentionally not announced.

by Jim (not verified)

Surely that's contrary to the whole point of release candidates?

by a (not verified)

apparently flash or something didn't work and that was a showstopper so it couldn't have been a true "release candidate"

by Scott Wheeler (not verified)

There were some significant issues that we realized between the time that the tarballs were produced and when an announcement would have been done. There was a problem with selection in KHTML, LiveConnect in Flash and on most systems audio didn't work at all. As such it was decided to not announce it, but wait for RC2.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

There were a couple of obvious show stoppers.

They were fixed and another rc was prepared.


by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

Alright, I see! Thank you all for your answers. :)
I'll be installing and testing RC2 as soon as it's unmasked in Gentoo.

by Marc (not verified)

-rc versions will never get unmasked in portage. You'll have to use ACCEPT_KEYWORD="~x86" (or whatever fits your system).

by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

Don't confuse masking and marking as stable. My /etc/portage/package.keywords already accepts all unstable (~x86) KDE packages. Actual masking in $PORTAGEDIR/profiles/packages.mask is another thing entirely. The RC2 ebuilds will remain unstable, but Caleb Tennis (our thrice-blessed Gentoo deity of things KDE) usually unmasks them after a few days of testing.

In fact, I went and unmasked them manually yesterday, and everything compiled, installed and now runs just fine.

by chris (not verified)

Everything works fine here, no bugs at immediate sight.

looks like some minor bugs only triggerd in special cases.


by Samuel S. Weber (not verified)


Just wondering why this hasn't been posted on slashdot.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Perhaps because nobody submitted it? Perhaps because Slashdot is not Freshmeat?

by saulo (not verified)

Hey guys, who will post some kde rc2 shots?