KDE 3.3 About to Finish: Public Release Candidate 2

We have already received a lot of feedback to our KDE 3.3 Betas, so we can release a public Release Candidate. We want to have this tested as soon as possible, so we didn't wait for vendor binaries. So please test the sources if you have experience in this (or use Konstruct).
You can download the Release Candidate from download.kde.org.

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by Anonymous (not verified)

Please scroll to the bottom since the page contains Screenshots from MorphOS, GNOME and KDE.


by Pascal (not verified)

This bug on bookmark folders beeing not usable is very very annoying !

Was it fixed in kde 3.3 ?


by Osho (not verified)

As you can see my note in the bug report, this bug still exists in 3.3 RC2.


by Annno v. Heimburg (not verified)

"About to finish" sounds scary. The rest sounds very like Genglish, too. Although I'm no native english speaker, I'll try:

KDE 3.3 on the Doorstep: Public Release Candidate 2

After having received a lot of feedback on our KDE 3.3 Betas, a public Release Candidate is now finished. Since we wanted testing to begin as soon as possible, we didn't wait for vendor binaries. Please build and test the sources or use Konstruct. The Release Candidate is available at download.kde.org.

by chris (not verified)

I wanted to point out , that KDE is not very usable in 800x600.

for example you use this resolution if you output on a TV.

most config dialog are too huge , and you have to use ALT key all the time.

i think you cannot file bugreports for this , because there are sooo may dialogs affected.

by Henrique Pinto (not verified)

Dialogs that do not fit a 800x600 screen are not in compliance with the KDE User Interface Guidelines, and this is as serious as a bug. But I don't see that many dialogs too big. Feel free to report the style guide violations to the developers.

by Datschge (not verified)

Also be sure to check the dpi value X Window System propagates (in case you didn't fix it with kdm). The higher the dpi value propagated the bigger the text will be. And since the dialog windows' size adapt to their content dialog windows can get huge this way.

by wilbert (not verified)

Rather annoying on me the last week CVS: tooltips in Konqueror's icon view pop up often while opening the context menu or even when another window already has the focus.

See: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=86968

by Anonymous (not verified)

Seems that now binaries for Slackware 10 and Yoper are available.

by brockers (not verified)

Does anyone know if 3.3 the mediacontrol applet has support for amaroK?


by Anonymous (not verified)

It seems that it has (XMMS, Noatun, amaroK, JuK).

by brockers (not verified)

tks for the reply

by Dag Nygren (not verified)

Knode seems to be a lot faster to use, thanks for that!
Even if the bug with the text you just read disappearing when an autoupdate of the articles is done is still there.

Worse is the the toolbars doesn't work appear at all in the second monitor of a dualhead installation. These did have problems before, but now they aren't there any more (Of course the previous problems are gone then ;-))

Best Regards

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

The problem with the window manager persists - Focus stealing "prevention" "steals" new windows that should have focus.

And, it is not possible to turn this "feature" off -- you can try to turn it off but setting: "Focus stealing pervention level:" to: "None" doesn't cure the problems with The GIMP & Adobe Acrobat Reader. If these applications are running, the windows for new files opened are not raised -- they appear to go to the bottom rather than the top (where they should be).

To me, this appears to be an example of where our development model goes wrong. This new "cool" feature was added to the code tree without adequate design or testing and now we have a window manager that is seriously broken. Perhaps Linus is right about CVS (at least in some cases) patches *are* better.

In any case, to prevent similar problems in the future there needs to be a way to develop and test such new features WITHOUT adding them to the code tree -- if they don't work they shouldn't show up in the next release branch. That is, IIUC, there is no simple way to go back to the KWin from 3.1.x which didn't have this problem.


by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)


Will this be fixed in the 3.3.0 release?

This is a serious regression for people that have a lot of icons on their desktop.


by artsd_makes_lif... (not verified)

This bug has been there for a long time.
artsd starts automatically when downloading a media file from the internet (even when artsd is disabled in the kde control center). Is this one fixed yet ?

by Christopher Sawtell (not verified)

So far I have discovered that:-
The Kdict applet for the taskbar has disappeared.
The Kmail interactive spellchecker won't work with aspell

Running on Gentoo unstable.

I would _very much_ like to be able to reverse the mouse wheel direction
to change the font size in Konqueror. i.e. Top of the wheel towards me to
enlarge the text, because that is the default way Mozilla works, and it is conter-intuitive for me to push the wheel away from me when I want to have a closer look.