Reports, Videos, Photos and Notes From aKademy Developer Conference

The Conference of KDE Developers and Contributors finished a few days ago, and we are now happy to announce a collection of reports, videos, slides and notes from presentations, as well as plenty of photo galleries from those attending the KDE World Summit - aKademy. There are full reports on day one (Saturday) and day two (Sunday) on Newsforge. You can also find transcripts and slides from many of the talks on the schedule (thanks go to Jonathan Riddell for the transcripts). The video stream archives can be found here, courtesy of Fluendo. Attendees have also started to add their photo albums to this wiki page. Those attending aKademy are invited to add notes to this wiki page, their photos to the other wiki page, and speakers are asked to send their slides to the press team with the word "press" in the subject of your email. Also a lot of developers seem to blog about aKademy as well.

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by chris (not verified)

dont forget the developer blogs on

by Evan "JabberWok... (not verified)

Hunh. I have libtheora plus MPlayer - that should play the video, but I get nothing but audio. Anybody know what apps for SUSE 9.1 should play these (I compile MPlayer myself for DVD playback and ripping, so it is the latest version, almost everything else is SUSE RPMs).

by chriis (not verified)

vlc plays this (videolan), also available for windows.

by Norbert (not verified)

I always notes that KDE 4 will get a new multimedia framework, because people are unhappy with arts. What is wrong with arts?
For me it has always worked very well.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> What is wrong with arts?

It's buggy and unmaintained.

by Birdy (not verified)

has high latency, no video support, ....

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

And you are a troll

by Anonymous (not verified)

Please prove me wrong.

by superstoned (not verified)

it was never meant as multimedia framework. it does work, but barely.

by Dave Feustel (not verified)

I'm trying to make arts 1.3.0 (part of kde 3.3) after
successfully running the arts configure program. Link
fails with undefined calls to pthread functions but I
don't understand why (after successful config).
That's one thing that's wrong.

by Billiga Bosses ... (not verified)

I hope the photos get some captions soon. :-)