Preview of New Qt Book "Practical Qt" at KDE Conference 2004

The KDE Project is proud to announce an exclusive preview of the book
'Practical Qt' written by Jesper K. Pedersen
and Matthias Kalle Dalheimer at the KDE World Summit - aKademy.

Those attending aKademy can pre-order the book, with €9 going to the KDE Project for
each copy sold. The book will be packaged and shipped to you as soon as the book hits the shelves.
All pre-ordered books will be shipped within the European Union. For orders outside the EU shipping costs of €5 will be added.

Alternatively you can order it at the Klarälvdalens
Datakonsult AB website
, though the KDE project will not receive the €9 for these sales. So please visit the merchandise booth during aKademy and order this book.


There's some more info on the kind of thing you can expect from the book on the aKademy wiki:

By Richard Moore at Thu, 2004/08/26 - 5:00am

Here is the toc and some sample chapters

By Jörn Ahrens at Thu, 2004/08/26 - 5:00am

Fantastic. I love the wide coverage. For newbie or even experience Qt programmers I would pick this up. I wish I had this book 7 years ago when I started working on Qt. It covers all sorts of things that I have had to figure out the hard way on my own or my seeing others implement cleanly rather then my crude hack. Some highlights that even though it is in the Qt documention I have been asked on more then one occasion and am very happy to see:

Hiding header in a list
Tooltips in a list
Links in textedit
Context-sensitive menus
Icon for the main window
How to Quit
Multiple buttons and or menu items to one slot
Making *cross platform* Libraries (with one build tool!)

In the last section there is one called: "Shoot a bug", no clue what that might mean though (anyone?). There was very few items that I personally don't already know, but I will definetly pick up this when it comes out.

-Benjamin Meyer

P.S. I would be happy to give it a read and review it if someone can snag me a preview copy (or pdf).

P.P.S. I would enjoy helping with "Even more Practical Qt" whenever that might come out. :-D

By Benjamin Meyer at Fri, 2004/08/27 - 5:00am

> In the last section there is one called: "Shoot a bug", no clue what that might mean though (anyone?).

ShootABug was presented in the aKademy talk, see for transcript, slides and source.

By Anonymous at Fri, 2004/08/27 - 5:00am

We have tons of material for a "Even More Practical Qt". It's basically a question of the publisher letting us do that, which in turn is a question of "Practical Qt" selling well enough (whatever the publisher considers "well enough" - don't ask me). So, you know what to do :-) (Hint for slow readers and shameless plug: Tell everybody about this book and point them to

By Matthias Kalle ... at Sun, 2004/08/29 - 5:00am

You can't order this from a KDE store so the 9€ could go to KDE if you are not at the conference.

By am at Thu, 2004/08/26 - 5:00am

We are not supposed to compete with bookstores, that's why. "Trade show specials" are OK, though.

By Matthias Kalle ... at Sun, 2004/08/29 - 5:00am