KTurtle Ranks in Dutch Educational Contest

KTurtle has been selected as one of the winners in a Dutch Educational contest! The jury was very pleased with the looks of KTurtle, good configuration options and a very nice manual. "Some renewed attention to LOGO is very much welcome". We congratulate Cies and the KDE Edu team on this achievement. You can read the full announcement hosted on the KDE Edutainment website.

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by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

I've long wished for a Dutch-language programming application/game for my kids. Rebecca wants to be a hacker, but English is a big stumbling block for her. I've tried to translate Squeek, but that's rather a big task. And logo... I think they're going to love this.

by Rinse (not verified)

Also, kturtle is available in Dutch, including the manual, so you can start learning your daughter hacking today :)


by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Well, Naomi tells me the application is in Dutch, but not the manual... She doesn't seem to mind, she's messing about with it right now.

by Rinse (not verified)

It is at least available online:

You can also download the docbook and from cvs
(kde-i18n/nl/docs/kdeedu/kturtle) and place it in ~/.kde/share/doc/HTML/nl/kturtle/
if things go right, khelpcenter wil render the Dutch manual instead of the english one :)


by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)


by cies (not verified)

The prize is not given yet. And the order is not fixed.
If, Anne-Marie "annma" Mahfouf, you would have asked me, or have read the real announcement (in Dutch):
you would have noticed all this...

I'm so sorry but I, the main developer of KTurtle and the one who subscribed for the contest, would like to have this message of the dot.

The 1st of October I'll be going to get the prize, what ever rank it may be.

I'm off now, more hacking on KTurtle, I conpletely refactored the interpretor last few days.

Please save yr congrats for later,

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

We don't delete posted articles, but I'll amend it and offer to repost an announcement on the 1st when you get the results.

by Fabrice Mous (not verified)

annma is not the one to blame. That would be me. Afaics there is no change in the ranking of the applications and the result appears to be final when I read http://www.linuxmag.nl/nl/4137085f61440#a41370aad80c4d.

But I should have checked with you. Apologies !


by General Zod (not verified)

Sorry. If you want to go with the k theme, how about kashyap? That's tortoise (same thing :-) in Sanskrit.

by cies (not verified)

Are you proposing to change the name of kturtle to kashyap?
Hmm... intresting.
Do you really think 'kashyap' will make a good impression on kturtle target audience?

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

to the Sanskrit speaking ones, maybe ;-P

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Who I guess would live with the Latin speaking children. :)

But given that (as the thread about the Danish-speaking user makes clear) only a portion of the audience is going to know what a 'turtle' is anyways, why not. K titles have always been kinda lame, it would be better to use words that begin with K. Though renaming programs isn't a good idea generally.