Docs Competition - Win O'Reilly Gear

If you missed out on the writing
competition at aKademy
, now is your chance to make up for it. The KDE
Quality and Documentation teams have got together to offer some great
O'Reilly prizes for writing documentation. All you have to do to enter is
write a page for the new KDE User
within two weeks and we'll send you a prize! Read on for the full

To enter, have a look at the content so far, with an outline of sections which
need writing, and write one section (a single page, e.g. "Playing
"). Send your submission in plain text format to
[email protected] before Sunday 3rd October (two weeks from now).

The best three entries, judged on completeness and clarity of explanation,
will win a choice of one of these great prizes, kindly donated by O'Reilly:

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail [email protected].

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by Philip Rodrigues (not verified)

Just to make sure we know what's a competition entry, make sure you mention the competition in your message to kde-doc-english!


by Philip Rodrigues (not verified)

To save you looking through the whole user guide, here's a list of sections which are available to work on:

== Part I: The Desktop ==

Advanced Window Management
The System Tray
Launching Programs
Controlling Programs -> Standard Toolbar Layout
-> Keybindings
Opening and Saving Files
Configuring Notifications
Configuring Toolbars

== Part II: KDE Components ==

Removable Disks
Playing Music -> Intro to aRts
-> Performance tuning, sharing devices
Playing Movies
Using KDE as Root
Switching Sessions
Networking With Windows
Shared Sessions
Setting Up a Printer
Printing From Applications
PDF Files
Fonts - Installing and Configuring
Konsole Introduction (not necessarily the whole section)
Hand-Editing Configuration Files
Scripting the Desktop

== Part III: KDE and the Internet ==

Konqueror -> Intro to the browser
Fine Tuning your Browsing Experience
Internet Shortcuts
Intro to Messaging

by jameth (not verified)

I didn't look too closely, but: How many pages can we send in? Am I allowed to write thirty and enter them all?

by Waldo Bastian (not verified)

There is no restriction. The more you send in, the better your chances!

by Charles McColm (not verified)

Does it *have* to be plain-text or can we send DocBook V3.1 or 4.2?