KOffice 1.3.3 Released

The KOffice team is happy to bring you the third bugfix package that builds upon the previous 1.3.x versions, with many fixes, mainly in the core libraries and in some filters. But there is also a fully new and complete translation for KOffice: Welsh. See the release notes and the complete list of changes.

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by a.c. (not verified)

Koffice is a needed app set. While I find errors in it, I use it more than OO. It is fast and IMHO, easier to use.

by lover (not verified)

I can't wait, I'm downloading it wight now. I love KOffice!

by Nathan (not verified)

I use koffice at home exclusively and use it at my church for our "powerpoint" setup (I do hate it when people call it that). The only thing I wait for in kpresenter is a true projector mode where I can still work with the slides while it displays things to my second

by yoppy (not verified)

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by ac (not verified)

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by yoppy (not verified)

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by anonymous (not verified)

I can certainly see your point about your mind being void. You don't seem to be shamed of that either. However, i'd suggest that as a generic rule of thumb in life, keep this information to yourself. It really helps.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

Maybe he goes to church to learn some manners.


by Janne (not verified)

Why don't you just take care of your own damn business, and let others take care of their own?

by Emanuele (not verified)

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by gabriel (not verified)

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by Challenger (not verified)

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by Confused Guy (not verified)

Errr... so what created God? :)

by Anonymous (not verified)

I think the real question is: who created God?

by Nathan (not verified)

I think the real question is how did this go from a question about a feature needed in Kpresenter to a debate about the validity of belief in God?

by RenoX (not verified)

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by superstoned (not verified)

but who created God? how dit He come into existence? the presence of a God doesnt solve the "but what created ..." problem.

by bartman (not verified)

yoppy, you certainly aren't required to believe in God. You aren't required to believe in anything, that doesn't make you better or worse then anyone else. But common courtesy dictates that you at least respect others who do. That is if you want them to respect your desire not to believe. I don't know for sure that "God" as we understand that word to mean, truely exists I just have faith that God exists just as you don't know for sure that "God" doesn't exist you just have faith that he doesn't. So see there, you do have faith, you do believe in something, you believe in anarchy. Which is ok I guess, sad, but ok.

by a true KDE fan (not verified)

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by a true KDE fan (not verified)

Try read good books like Davinci's code, and not fantasy books like the Bible.
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Of course I don't believe in god (don't know why people write god with G, it's just a common word in the middle of a sentence, so use lowercase please)

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by witness (not verified)

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by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

You can vote for



by Gonzalo (not verified)

I love Koffice. It is small, fast and full featured. I only wish that some benefactor would donate enough money to hire a dedicate team of 25 developers for two years.

Pay them well and create the best office suite the world has ever seen. We are headed in that direction but it would be nice to speed up the process.

Keep up the great work. If I hit the jackpot, KDE will be getting a big check.

by Michael Thaler (not verified)

If you love KOffice why don't you work on it instead of waiting to hit the jackpot and donate KDE a big check? KOffice definitely has a shortage of developers and contributors. You could for example help with Krita. Krita is a painting and image editing application for KDE and is part of KOffice. Many of the basic things like loading and saving images, basic painting ops like freehand painting, drawing lines etc. are already working. But some of the basic functionallity is still missing and some of these things are not hard to implement. Basically everyone with some basic knowledge of programming can help. I think another application that definitely needs some help is kspread. As far as I know KSpread only has one or two active developers right now and there are some plans to rework KSpread, so they can definitely need someone to help them.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Well, unfortunately, not only KSpread has so few developers.

Have a nice day!

by Corbin (not verified)

Only problem with that is I can't program good enough to contribute code, I'm horrible at writing so I can't do docs, not the best graphics designer either...

I really need to some time just try and stress test the apps a lot and the report any bugs I can find and reproduce, that will help them some.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Well, a task could be to test the MathML import filter of KFormula with the MathML test suite, see http://lists.kde.org/?l=koffice-devel&m=109553329117502&w=2

The only problem is that a very recent KFormula is needed, as a bug made the output of the MathML import filter corrupt (even in KOffice 1.3.3).

Have a nice day!

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Adding Doxygen comments could be a task too for people understanding C++, but not wishing to develop. (Doxygen: http://doxygen.org )

Sometimes the comments already exist, but not in Doxygen format, sometimes there are in the .cpp files but we need them in the .h files and sometimes the existing Doxygen comments could be improved, by a brief description for example or by replacing plain text by the corresponding Doxygen command.

Have a nice day!

by piggy (not verified)

Well, Your prospects in job market aren't very bright indeed ;-)

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

I've noticed that there are some things that can be done for Krita in bite-size pieces, but other things demand at least a week of concentrated hacking. I had taken two days off to work on selections, with the idea of adding Saturday, so I would have three whole days. But then an issue arose at work, and I had to work on some obscure FreeBSD/MySQL/Java problem that day.

I guess what I want to say is, I'd love to get a check that would enable me to buy five holidays from my employers to get something big done :-).

if no checks are forthcoming, Michael is absolutely right: there's this big TODO list which has lots of small, easy tasks that can be done with nothing more than the Qt documentation and a little perseverance...

by Gonzalo (not verified)

Because I already work on other projects. And if your intent is getting people to contribute, then it would help a great deal if you put the accusatory tone down.

People contribute when they can whatever they can give. Stop playing leader and lead with your actions. Stop pretending you know me or how many of my waking hours I already contribute to Free Sotware. Is that clear?

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

We are not forcing anybody.

Have a nice day!

by David (not verified)

The big apps are not the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps. The big ones are apps like Kexi, Kivio and Krita. If any distro has any ambitions of cracking the desktop then they should contribute to these apps and put them together with their Open Office setups and integrate them.

by Ramin (not verified)

it is not stable yet and doing work with it made me not very happy.

I really like kformula and the other apps are "high potential" too. But at the moment larger project are better done by ooo

by Matt (not verified)

koffice has made a *lot* of progress. Now I can use kword and kspread for almost all I need, except the mail merge function, and viewing of MS office files.

I do everything in koffice first, and used to switch to OO only if something would not work, or it would crash to often. "Used to", because now koffice does the job :-)

No more crashes, but easy to use apps. Great job, guys, and keep going that way!

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Binary Packages for Solaris 8/9 SPARC have been uploaded. (The xdelta for Solaris 9 applies to Solaris 8 too.)


Have a nice day!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Also SUSE binary packages for 9.0 and 9.1 are now available.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Add Mandrake 10 to the list.

by Clarence Dang (not verified)

Why is the Solaris 9 patch an .xdelta.tar.bz2?

Shouldn't it be a .tar.xdelta? (also xdelta is already gzip compressed)

by Stefan Teleman (not verified)

> Why is the Solaris 9 patch an .xdelta.tar.bz2?

Because it's archived with tar and then compressed with bzip2.

It's not a Solaris 9 patch. It's a collection of source code
patches for KOffice 1.3.3, generated by xdelta. The archive
happens to be in the Solaris 9 tree because it was generated
off the Solaris 9 build with SunOne Studio 9 (a.k.a. Forte 9).
It applies just as well to Solaris 8, and/or to SunOne Studio 8.

> Shouldn't it be a .tar.xdelta?

Have you run bunzip2 and then tar xvf on it ? That will answer all
your questions.


by Clarence Dang (not verified)

> > Why is the Solaris 9 patch an .xdelta.tar.bz2?
> Because it's archived with tar and then compressed with bzip2.
> > Shouldn't it be a .tar.xdelta?
> Have you run bunzip2 and then tar xvf on it ? That will answer all
> your questions.

Thanks for the info. I'm actually trying out xdelta at the moment so I was curious about the naming.

I don't actually have Solaris :)

by Stefan Teleman (not verified)

> I'm actually trying out xdelta at the moment so I was curious about the naming.

IMHO xdelta is a very well done diff/patch tool.

> I don't actually have Solaris :)

That's ok. :-) Some of the patches are Solaris specific, but many of them
are generic.


by bando (not verified)

I try to compile this package on Suse 9.2
It goes pretty far but craps out when it can't fing libgmodule-2.0.la
Is there a configure flag to work around gnome dependencies. And can anybody tell me where I can download this gnome library from, (pre-built would be nice)

And thanks for the good work here, KOffice is really starting to look good.

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

It's part of glib2-devel.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Is there a configure flag to work around gnome dependencies.

And I want to know the configure flag to disable dependency on libc - another gnome dependency.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)


But what C library would you use then? (Are you not mixing up (g)libc with glib?)

Have a nice day!

by Anonymous (not verified)

I mean libc. The OP doesn't want KDE to depend on anything that GNOME depends on, right?

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Sorry, I do not know what you mean by "OP".

But if you develop with C or C++, you need a C library (if you do not want to make everything very OS-dependent.) Also Qt needs a C library.

(Not counting that KDE is using libxml2 and libxslt which are distributed by gnome.org.)

Have a nice day!

by Anonymous (not verified)

OP=Original Poster. And you still don't get it, or? Add a smiley in mind to my posting.