KDE at Linux World in London

Next week sees the Linux
World Expo
(renamed from Linux Expo UK) in London's
where KDE are teaming up with Gnome to run one of the
biggest stands in the .org
. As well as representing the desktop environments, we
will be promoting the desktop platform projects and X.Org. To be demonstrated on the stand
are KDE 3.3, FreeNX, 6.8 with XComposite and a cool Konqi the Dragon
animation. Many kde-gb developers will be on the stall, we hope to see you there.


Forgot to say that Matthias Ettrich will also be there.

By Jonathan Riddell at Wed, 2004/09/29 - 5:00am

Can I just turn up?

By Max Howell at Thu, 2004/09/30 - 5:00am

Yes - it's 10 GBP on the door iirc.

By George Wright at Thu, 2004/09/30 - 5:00am

as George said, you can just turn up.. but the exhibitor passes have already been ordered.

Last time it was free if you booked in advance and 11 GBP on-the-door (but that was ludex, not linuxworld). This time it's 7.50 GBP in advance, 15.00 GBP on-the-door.

I'll look forward to seeing you there (-:

- Jeff

By Jeff Snyder at Thu, 2004/09/30 - 5:00am