Quickies: Thesis about Kolab, Task Juggler IDE, Helix-Qt, Blast from the Past

The Kolab project
has published a
thesis by Magnus Stoermer about Kolab the Free Software groupware solution.
Although the language is German it has a very liberal licence
which shouldn't stop anyone from translating this publication. ***

TaskJuggler has started a subproject called
TaskJuggler IDE which aims to replace ktjview.
Check it out and go fetch those
daily CVS snapshots and start participating
in this project as a developer, tester or translator. Everyone can help here as this improved KDE frontend to TaskJuggler is also in need of a better name. ***

A new page has popped up at the
Helix Community website. Are we going to see a Qt frontend to the Helix Player which is currently using a
default GTK gui? ***

In our section Blast from the Past someone showed me this page on IRC. Well isn't that a spiffy KDE application?

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by hein (not verified)

Does interaction withb Palm work?

by chris (not verified)

perhaps it uses kitchensync ? so it can sync not just with this palm things that no one has.

by hein (not verified)

no one has? It is perfect, it is cheap. There is a lot free sodftware for the palmOS.

by chris (not verified)

sure - if you mean everyone - then you perhaps can say everyone has a handy to sync, but not a palm .->

by Fabrice Mous (not verified)

Check out the KDE crew at Berlinux 2004 where they are showcasing TaskJuggler IDE.



by hein (not verified)

Everything is qtfied and looks good. But some projects stick to GTK such as Lazarus.freepascal.org -- really sad.

by chris (not verified)

try to convince them. if they all use gnome as their primary desktop they wont rewrite it to use QT. What do they want with Kde dialogs in gnome ?!?!?

by Richard Dale (not verified)

"At this point in the development we are using gtk+ as our initial API widget set. Some work is also being done with Qt and the Win32 API.."


by Anonymous (not verified)

What will happen to KPlato? Will it be dropped?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Why should it? It's a different effort.

by Fabrice Mous (not verified)


TIDE (Taskjuggler IDE)

Just some ideas


by pieter (not verified)

What about 'taakje'.

Tasks And All Kde Jobs Editor

by Joachim Werner (not verified)

Unfortunately TIDE is already taken ...

What about "TaskForce" (suggested by Torsten Rahn on taskjuggler-devel)?