Volunteers Needed for KDE Related Events in Germany

During October a lot of conferences and events in Germany will take place
where KDE will be present. The KDE Project is still in urgent need for some
volunteers to staff our booth at Systems Fairs (18.-22.10.2004) in Munich, Berlinux (22-23.10.2004) in Berlin and LinuxWorldExpo (26.-28.10.) in Frankfurt. If you would like to help and present KDE please send an email to the KDE promo mailinglist.

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by Friedrich W. H.... (not verified)

You are also welcome to join the booth at the Linux-Info-Tag (30.10., http://www.linux-info-tag.de) in Dresden, and, supposedly, the same day at the Practical Linux (http://www.practical-linux.de) in Giessen.

See you there

by shadrack ouko (not verified)

I am looking foward to hear from you,