KOffice 1.3.4 Released

The KOffice team is happy to bring you the fourth bugfix package that builds upon the previous 1.3.x versions. The main goals of this release are to fix the integer overflows in KWord's PDF import filter and to be able to compile KOffice again on KDE 3.1.5 and Qt 3.1.2. See the release notes and the list of changes.

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by Ask (not verified)

The PDF files created with Kspread(print file, pdf) looked ugly
in Acrobat reader and the print-outs were bad earlier. Has this improved
in the latest version ? Comparitively the PDF-exported files
from gnumeric prints exceptionally well.


by Martin (not verified)

I guess not. "The KOffice team is happy to bring you the fourth _bugfix_ package" (Emphasis added)

Changelog for KSpread:

* Make the Control-C key work again (#87369)

* Make columns and rows that are not on the top-left side of a sheet sizable again. (Bugs #84495 and #89782)

* Fix painting of the gridlines, when a row or column is resized.

by Nicolas Goutte (not verified)

Some users still claim that printing from KSpread is awful. :-(

As the KSpread developers are trying currently to re-write the core part of KSpread, I doubt that they will have time to fix it for KOffice 1.3.x (unfortunately).

(Of course, volunteers are always welcome, but here I think that it is not so simple.)

Have a nice day!

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

To get good PDFs with KWord, don't use TrueType fonts.

The best PDFs are made with the fonts that come with the old Windows version of Acrobat Reader:


and DO NOT embed the fonts.


by hoirkmann (not verified)

first post :)

KOffice rocks...

by Martin (not verified)

> first post :)