"C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" Book Download

The "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" book written by Trolltech software engineer Jasmin Blanchette and Trolltech's documentation manager Mark Summerfield, already featured by the dot, can now be downloaded in PDF format from the publisher's homepage in the "Downloads" section.

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by Iam who iam (not verified)

The last and final thorn abt the book has also gone

by Ali Akcaagac (not verified)


I was searching yesterday evening exactly for a C++ and KDE developers book. Now this is like someone has read my mind. Sure QT is not directly KDE but it gets me close there. Thanks a lot.

by www.gnome.org (not verified)

Haha, finally we've got rid of him...
KDE.org, meet Ali "oGALAXYo" Akcaagac.

Its time for a party over here!

by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm again and again astonished how hostile the GNOME community is against other desktops and in part their own users and developers.

by Macavity (not verified)

ATTENTION: This is not to start a flamewar.. it is just MY personal experience!

After a few visits to #gnome (and #gnu) it stopped surprising me :-(

To me those places apear more like brainwash-facilities then they are places to socialize and get voulenteer support :-/ Every time I said "Linux" I was flamed with remarks like "It GNU/Linux lameass!!!"... When I [accedently] mentiond KDE I was told: "If you want to use that POS then please go jerk off there, and stop bothering us with your commercials!". Apart from that i think I saw "RTFM n00b!" more than anything else 8-|

Now... when I listen to RMS's speaches about "free speach as opposed to free beer" and "the right to form a society" I really think that a lot of the GNU ppl missed that point compleetly :-( I was effectively shut out of that society because my views didnt match that of the rest 100%.. so I feel that I have been deprived from just those two wonderfull things by the very group who is preaching it.

Or is it just all the ill-mannerd youngsters who hang out in the main chans to look "l33t"? I dont know.. but I do for sure think that the entire KDE society is much more freindly and open to n00bs and people who by preference happen to like say Gaim over Kopete ;-)

Peace, Love & OpenSource! (oops-sorry, Free Software! ;-)


by Mylar (not verified)

A lot of people are so high and mighty thinking their way is the only way. I like KDE, and I like GNOME and frankly although most of my GUI development has been geared towars QT & KDE I also want to develop under GNOME and other desktop platforms as well. Why embrace one thing only and shut out and condemn everything else.

by cm (not verified)

> Why embrace one thing only

Learning effort? For a company: Cost of the time spent on getting familiar with all there is to know about the different frameworks. I think these are very strong points for specialising in only one of them.

> and shut out and condemn everything else.

That does not necessarily follow from developing in only one DE. When using standards as defined on http://www.freedesktop.org/ you may still find yourself developing *for* other DEs (by writing KDE apps that play nicely with other DEs).

by suy (not verified)

I bought the book more or less when it was available for online purchase, I must admit that is great, and I'm very happy with it.

It's a pity that the only book about KDE programming is outdated. There was a project intended to solve this, kdeev-books, but it's mailinglist, and it's CVS module are completely empty.

If I had more knowledge, I will try to help with this, but when basic things like XML-GUI etc. appear, I become lost, and all I can do is copy and paste code from others. :-/

by Bryan Feeney (not verified)

Bought it myself a few months ago, got half-way through before I got sidetracked (*cough* Doom *cough*) but am getting back into it know. It's not just the API, there's lots of little coding tips in their, and the book is clearly written with a view to Qt 4 (e.g. they only show menu creation using actions).

by Simon Edwards (not verified)

The rest of "Bruce Perens' Open Source Series" is here:



by Some KDE user (not verified)

Did anyone have any look with downloading the accompanying source code? I tried with both Konqueror and Mozilla several times since the book was available to download some weeks ago. But all I ever got was a 404 page.

by Flitcraft (not verified)

I could download the 11 MB sit file without a problem. It's a stuffit archive, right? Is there a open source tool to unpack those, or do I have to use the stuffit trial version?

by Osho (not verified)

where is this .sit file?

by Flitcraft (not verified)
by Rajesh (not verified)

It is of a propritary format... so no use downloading the sit file... Anybody please show me a gzip archive of the same?


by Gunslicker (not verified)

You can uncompress .sit file by downloading stuffit expander trial software(the one I used is for Microsoft Windows platform) and uncompress this .sit file. After that you can see all of the sourecodes of this book.

by Antonio Salazar (not verified)

I bought this several months ago. But I don't actually feel dumb - it was worth the purchase price. Read it cover to cover (a bit scary); extremely well-written and very good.

by Robert Tilley (not verified)

As soon as I read the initial posting about the availability of this book, I bought it from Amazon! "Fate, she is a cruel mistress..."

by Samuele (not verified)

What a joke! I brought it 2 weeks ago from Amazon. If I only waited a bit...

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

If I didn't have the book already, I would still buy it. A dead tree version is so much more conveniant than a pdf file. Printing the pdf is not really an option, since it cost about the same as the book itself.

by Jon Scobie (not verified)

Anybody else having problems in konqueror when they click on the downloads link? I am running 3.3.1 and the page just won't display. Works fine in firefox but I've got so used to just using konqi.

I confirm with KDE 3.3.0 on gentoo here. Konqueror won't display the page correctly.

by Jon Scobie (not verified)

It seems funny that a site which is giving away a book about Qt development won't work with the very application that is written using the toolkit. I know that is looking at the problem VERY broadly, but annoying all the same.

by Johan Veenstra (not verified)

Don't know how it's supposed to look like, but it look perfectly ok in Konqueror 3.2.2-4 (RedHat)

by Corbin (not verified)

I got this book about a month before troll tech said it would be released (still not sure how... I wasn't expecting it to come for a few months), I skimmed around in it, and read parts. This is the only C++ refernce I've ever had and the first time reading it I was a bit confused (mostly because I skipped over a few IMPORTANT chapters). Now I've decided to go back and read it from cover to cover (started about a week ago, don't get much time to read it though), and with what I've learned in AP Comp Science (java not c++) has made it so I've understood everything in this book so far (and I've had about 4 weeks of classes).

If you want to get into KDE or QT programming, this book is the greatest thing I've found so far. Maybe someone can write a book / long tutorial about KDE programming for someone with some experience in QT. This is all I need to really be able to start helping some KDE projects.

by LuckySandal (not verified)

Finally, a Qt 3 book. Just in time for the release of Qt 4!!

by Anonymous (not verified)

Is this meant sarcastic? The book was published one year before the planned release date of Qt 4.

by hhh (not verified)


by dave (not verified)

I bought the book a long time ago, and I feel really dumb since I still don't understand how to acutally run my project. I've compiled the Makefile and .pro file, but nothing happens when I run make.

by Helper (not verified)

Makefile created with qmake? ok. try "make -fmakefile"

//creating the makefile
qmake -o makefile myproj.pro
//creating the compiled file (executable)
make -fmakefile

by sailaja (not verified)

I am very upset its not available for download. Can anyone tell me where i could get this book for download.

by Anonymous (not verified)

It is still available on the page which the story mentions.

by sudrik sanjay (not verified)

i am student of engg.college i required for project purpose

thank God i found this tutorials.