1.1.3-kde 1.1.3 with KDE integration is now available for download. It also features a lot of other improvements over the stock OOo (including the GNOME integration bits; but do not be afraid, it does not link against Gtk+ in KDE, and vice versa), because it is built from the ooo-build codebase.

Download: Installation set for Linux i386 (~80MB).


  • The current stable version of with many ooo-build patches and improvements
  • KDE Native Widget Framework
  • KDE (Crystal) icons
  • KDE file dialog (Open, Save As)
  • KDE splash screen by Dariusz Arciszewski
  • Gtk+ NWF and file dialog when executed in Gnome

Known problems:

  • You need libstartup-notification installed, otherwise it fails to run with "no suitable windowing system found, exiting."
  • The KDE file dialog seems to hang OOo on Fedora Core 3 when it has Preview on (F11 in the dialog), but most probably it is a Fedora bug (treats unrecognized file types as sound).
  • The new systems that build their packages from ooo-build (e.g. SUSE 9.2) do not need this package; check whether you have the KDE file dialog in your OOo before installing.

The project's homepage is a bit outdated at the moment, but the work still continues. The main concern is OOo 2.0 now, see the ooo-build ChangeLog.

Help of an artist is needed for OOo 2.0: It contains a lot of new icons, the default ones are not acceptable for modern KDE desktop. Please drop me a mail if you are able (and willing) to draw some of them. :-)

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by Anonymous (not verified)

What do you want with this build if you want to compile with ooo-build? Just choose to compile a full GNOME integrated version then.

by Olafur Arason (not verified)

I think this version is building now on the ubuntu for Hoary so tomorrow or Monday it will be available with a simple refresh and update.

by Alex (not verified)

I really like the KDE look of, but it looks really bad in other window managers.
What do I do to enable's KDE mode under other window managers (e.g. Window Maker)?

by Anonymous (not verified)


by J. E. Lang (not verified)

Pardon my ignorance. I've been using OOo for a couple of years at least having started on a Windows platform and moved to Linux (SuSE) with KDE within the past nine months.

What is meant by this talk about KDEizing OOo?

by Jan Holesovsky (not verified)
by Khalid (not verified)

Very nicely done and explained good job !

by Rôney Eduardo O... (not verified)

Could someone give an overview about the status of the project and the current state, about icon theming, gnome/kde integration in the same build, etc. (once is outdated)?!

...but how do you compile without pam!??!

I don't have pam and don't want it. I applied the patch to allow compilation without pam (for OOo 1.1.2, I believe) and it gets past the part where it was dying on pam. But now it's giving me a bunch of lip about 093-norwegian-translation.diff patch failing.

by Jeff Cann (not verified)

The installer looks fine and the programs, such as swriter open and look great. It's just when I try to File | Open or +O, the dialog *never* appears. Other dialogs like File | Print do seem to work.

I appreciate any suggestions.


by Jeff Cann (not verified)

P.S. When I try to Save or Save As, the app hangs.

by Anonymous (not verified)

What happens if you run "./kdefilepicker" and then "exec "?

by Jeff Cann (not verified)

./kdefilepicker: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

by Anonymous (not verified)

set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/program before

by Tim NIiler (not verified)

So did this work for anyone? I'm running this with VectorLinux 4.3 (Slackware based). Since I couldn't open or save files, it seemed to be a nice start, but only eye-candy at this point. I've since gone to OOo-1.1.4rc but would migrate backwards if I could get this version to work properly. For me, at least, the icon set makes OOo so much more useable. My wife likes it too. :-)

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

Not for me (I'm running RH 9.0). I tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH but with no luck, I still can't use the Open and Save dialogs.

I'm still looking around for a solution though, I really like the kde-integrated interface, let alone it eliminates some printing problems I had with greek fonts.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> So did this work for anyone?

This was not intended to "fix" OOo but make the "kdefilepicker" debugging work for Jeff/someone. But as nobody tries it and reports back, how shall it be fixed?

by Tim Niiler (not verified)

Fair enough...I will try it again and send in the debug info sometime this week.

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

ok, after setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH I ran kdefilepicker and I get:

[kmag@pluto program]$ ./kdefilepicker
kdefilepicker, an implementation of KDE file dialog for OOo.
Type 'exit' and press Enter to finish.
kdefilepicker: relocation error: kdefilepicker: undefined symbol: _ZN7QString7reserveEj

by Anonymous (not verified)

What Qt version do you have installed? Only Qt 3.1.1 of RedHat 9?

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

yes, that's right

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

The same when issuing exec:

[kmag@pluto program]$ ./kdefilepicker
kdefilepicker, an implementation of KDE file dialog for OOo.
Type 'exit' and press Enter to finish.
kdefilepicker: relocation error: kdefilepicker: undefined symbol: _ZN7QString7reserveEj
[kmag@pluto program]$ ./kdefilepicker

by Anonymous (not verified)

> kdefilepicker: relocation error: kdefilepicker: undefined symbol: _ZN7QString7reserveEj

Seems to be a symbol introduced by Qt 3.2. So it requires Qt 3.2 (or even 3.3).

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

Qt > 3.1 requires a KDE upgrade (currently 3.1-13) on my RH 9. Since this is just my desktop at work I have to think twice before doing anything messy and time-consuming. :-(
Do you have the slightest idea how easily or diffuculty such an upgrade should go?

Thanks anyway for your help!

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Qt > 3.1 requires a KDE upgrade (currently 3.1-13) on my RH 9

Why that? Qt 3.3 is backward compatible.

> Do you have the slightest idea how easily or diffuculty such an upgrade should go?

Why not install Qt 3.3 in parallel to your current Qt version and write a little script with runs OOo with that Qt installation?

by Kostas Magkos (not verified)

>> Qt > 3.1 requires a KDE upgrade (currently 3.1-13) on my RH9
>Why that? Qt 3.3 is backward compatible.

It's a redhat dependency thing: qt 3.3 depends on redhat-artwork > 0.100 and redhat-artwork 0.100 needs kdebase > 3.2 and then you pretty much need to upgrade the whole kde system.

>Why not install Qt 3.3 in parallel to your current Qt version and write a little script with runs OOo with that Qt installation?

but still I have to upgrade redhat-artwork....

by MaxBaldiz (not verified)

Installed on Slackware 9.1. Same issues in "Open" and "Save as" dialog. I have
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as recommended in the post BUT when I try ./kdefilepicker I've a new error message:

./kdefilepicker: /usr/lib/./ version `GCC_3.3' not found (required by /opt/OpenOffice.org1.1.3/program/

it seems the package was compiled with GCC3.3 and requires this version of libraries.

About to rollback to 1.1.1... 'cause no time and no disk space to upgrade to Slackware 10 and/or to upgrade to GCC3.3....Damn...

by Tim NIiler (not verified)

Try the 1.1.4 release. It is currently working for me just fine. There are no crashes, and they are using their old binary installer.

by Tim Niiler (not verified)

Okay...Here's the synopsis.

Back in December, I didn't have a chance to do this and needed the space on my harddrive so I deleted OOO-1.1.3. Since then, I downloaded ooo-build and tried to do it all myself. Everything was peachy in the build except for some complaints about the psprint_config patch (which I implemented manually) and LD_LIBRARY_PATH not finding KDE (I set that manually to include /opt/kde/lib), and then everything compiled.

So this morning, I come down and setup my newly baked OOO to see what happened. And everything is fine EXCEPT FOR THE FILE-OPEN DIALOG.

Thinking that I just wasted a bunch of time, I am about to delete the thing when I remember the LD_LIBRARY_PATH comment here and note that I also had the same issue in the middle of compiling. I set the variable, and when I restart OOO, the filepicker works fine!


My impression is that I could have just downloaded the build from here instead of doing it myself and this solution would have still worked. On the plus side, OOO now starts in under 5 seconds on my box. :-)

by Jeff Cann (not verified)

BTW - the non KDE 1.1.3 version of Open Office works fine on this same box.

by Qerub (not verified)

Users of Debian can do
apt-get install
if experimental is in /etc/apt/sources.list

by Christoph Schütz (not verified)

the installation of OOo-kde-1.1.3 fails with the following message:

no suitable windowing system found, exiting

I work with SuSe 9.1 and kde3.2.3. The SuSe version of OOo-kde-1.1.1works fine
and OOo-1.1.3 works as well.
I like the kde version, so I would be very pleased, if someone can help me.

Thanks Christoph

Read the story! It's listed under "Known problems".

by Christoph Schütz (not verified)

Sorry! Just read the README included in the package, but it seems to be the original OpenOffice one.
It works all well now.
Thank you Christoph.

So, and where can I find that 'known issues' item at all? It's not in the readme

by Björn Spåra (not verified)

Look at the top of this page..

by SuporteTecnicoID (not verified)

to debian,

Only Install lib:

sudo apt-get install libstartup-notification0

by Richard Neill (not verified)

On Mandriva, you need to also install libsndfile

by yoyo (not verified)

where is one for 1.1.4? a binary.