Linux Magazine: aKregator, Configuring KDM, KHotKeys

In its last and upcoming issues Linux Magazine has again published several KDE articles of which are many available online in PDF format: aKregator is a RSS/Atom feed reader and introduced to their readers. KHotKeys allows to add mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts to your desktop. Another story details how to configure your login environment with KDM and GDM. Finally, don't miss Konqi's horoscope for 2005.

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by Shift (not verified)

In the article about KDM and GDM in the figure 3 it is not KDM in the screenshot but mdkkdm, a Mandrake fork of KDM.

The original KDM is always accessible in Mandrake throw drakconf. You need to install kdebase-kdm and if you don't want Mandrake fork uninstall mdkkdm.

by AC (not verified)

What does the elephant represent?

by Anonymous (not verified)
by testerus (not verified)

Reading about RSS, is there a reason why does not have a live bookmark available?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Live bookmark? Mozilla user? See "rdf" in the left column.

by Shift (not verified) webmaster need to had :

on the HTML source of this website.

by Kick The Donkey (not verified)

Besure to put it in the tag ;)

by Jim (not verified)

Don't put it in the head tag because that is utterly broken. Put it in the head element.

by Amiroff (not verified)

... that KDM would look as good as GDM, but for now it's just a dream. Hopefully, recently added theme suport will have the same specs as GDM, as there are lots nice gdm examples to port.

by ac (not verified)

It's actually the goal of the current KDM theming support effort (which can be found in CVS kdenonbeta/kdmthemes/) to offer full compatibility to GDM themes, so it looks like your wish will be granted soon-ish.

by Anonymous (not verified)

kdenonbeta/kdmthemes/ doesn't exist anymore, it's merged into HEAD.

by ta (not verified)

I have downloaded and started to use Akregator, and it is a great
program. I was looking something like that and found in it more than
I am looking for. There are a few points for improvement but overall
it is very usable as is.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!