MozillaQuest Editor's Choice is Konqueror

The online computer magazine MozillaQuest has awarded Konqueror their Editor's Choice award as a "well-built, feature-robust, and free" web browser and file manager. The award was given to Konqueror over Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and AOL's Netscape. Congratulations to the Konqueror and KHTML developers on a job well done!

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> Actually why bother, since all this is nonsens anyway.

KDE, Mozilla, Gnome, Gentoo... Well everybody who uses Bugzilla for reporting Bugs always have more opening than closing events. number of bugs really mean nothing. Bugzilla gives more burden on the developer side than on the user side. This is a critical flaw in Bugzilla. I think there should be one more state for all bugs : "just opened by user". Only developer should be able to put this bug from this pre-open state to an open state. Counted open bugs should be only those that are acknowledged as bug by the developer which means that there is an acknowledgment that it must be and will be corrected sometime.

> The only time you get meaningful information are when there are 0 bugs, and then it only tells you that the application has no known bugs.

Nope. It just means the database is not used for bug tracking :)

by Anonymous (not verified)

> there should be one more state for all bugs : "just opened by user"


That's exactly what I want. But a bug opened by a user should be in that state first and not be counted as open. Which is not the case currently.

Ehrrmm. that is seriously on the low side.

Bugzilla reports more than 50000 open bugs currently where 20000 are for the browser part alone. Just remember that Mozilla/Firefox has more than 20 times as many users to report bugs than we do.

What's even more I think is that Mozilla/Firefox bugs are bugs reported
on Windows + bugs reportrd on Linux.
Many but not all of them are the same.

by flock(ed) (not verified)

Way to go Konqueror, I love the progress that this browser has made over the years. The one and only feature request that I have is a way to load a web only interface, and pop-up blocking...but other than that lovin it...Keep up the good work guys...