Graphical Scripting with Kommander

Kommander is a powerful but easy to learn development environment. "Graphical Scripting with Kommander" takes us through the creation of a graphical interface for Konstruct, a tool for downloading, configuring and installing KDE from source packages. The article also lists some of the exciting developments coming to Kommander in the near future. This is the second of three separate Kommander tutorials, the first of which can be found here.

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by Pat (not verified)

The article says:
"Finally, Kommander needs an icon, please send suggestions to kde-artists"

why not create an icon contest on ?

by fab (not verified)

Pat .. I'm pretty sure that Jonathan is aware of those contests. But indeed a icon contest @ would be cool. Thanks to Janet and others at KDE-Look who are working on those contests btw!



by llllll (not verified)

.. If gods play .. ... they remain on the peaks ... and - as far I am involved in the
rhearsal what applications of other OS's run already since years( i.e. tested ) on
KDE-overlays, I will not devote much time on things like icons. But some things
are very important : In SourceForge-groups are too many members to particiate!
... gods are beyond any list ... .. .

by Janet Theobroma (not verified)

This March KDE-Look is planning on having the 'World Famous First Annual KDE Crystalish Icon Marathon With Prizes Awarded Challenge' (aka WFFAKCIMWPAC:). Please note: there has been some discussion about shortening the name.

Basicly we are going to work all month with the artists at KDE-Look on completing of as many icons as we can. The Kommander icon will be on the list as I have discussed with Jonathan last month.

To all the other application developers out there, feel free to email me if you want to be included on the WFFAKCIMWPAC list.

Janet Theobroma

by Turd Ferguson (not verified)



by Martin (not verified)

A simple question: How do I use a language other than bash with Kommander?

by MacBerry (not verified)


Future of Kommander

Thanks to some hard work and generous sponsorship Kommander is under heavy development. There are a lot of features planned for the near future. Most important of these is an improved parser which will allow for local variables, nesting logic and integration with scripting languages other than bash.

by Martin (not verified)

OK -- it's just that every article I have read about Kommander (such as this one: implies that it is script language agnostic (without telling you how to actually set the language). Since all Kommander seems to do is to substitute @ expressions and then call bash with the resulting text, why should it not be to begin with?

Of course, one could always do like in the article; write to a temporary file and then execute that with any interpreter.

by Ivan Lloro (not verified)

Explained by Eric Laffon at:

Actually this is in the docs... Do this:
import webbrowser'@urlField')

Alternately you could use...
import webbrowser'@urlField')

Have fun with such a great piece of code Kommander is.

by Martin (not verified)

Cool! I thought it should be in there. I did read the help file, but in my language it was mostly empty...

by blacksheep (not verified)

Just wondering, is Kommander the first software that aims to graphical scripting?
If yes, this is a major thing in computer desktop, right?