Third Osnabrueck PIM Meeting

For the third time, the town of Osnabrück was the place for a lot of KDE PIM hackers to hold their annual meeting, kindly hosted by Intevation. While the
participants were primarily focused on fixing bugs and getting the various
PIM applications in shape for the KDE 3.4 release, some discussions also
targeted post-3.4 development.

With over 40 bugs fixed, some interesting features implementented, the Kolab hackers participating, and the
draft for GroupDAV revised with Helge Hess from OpenGroupware.org, this
meeting was not only a successful boost of KDE PIM development, but also for
PIM client-server interoperability in general.

Read the meeting report for details.


Osnabruck must be fun although I was told there were pubs without alcohol in that town.

By Jakob at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

I am living in Osnabrück and I know the pubs :) Never seen a pub without beer (especially Erdinger Weizenbier). Pretty nice town, btw.

By Carsten at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Erdinger? I thought the northern German people prefer Pils ;)

lippel (who was born in Georgsmarienhuette)

By lippel at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Indeed, esp. Becks, but I prefer drinking Weizenbier and this means usually Erdinger.

By Carsten at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

And Erdinger is called Weißbier, as it's from Oberbayern and there we don't call it Weizenbier ;-)

By Philipp at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Uh - those 'white' beers are horrid

By Anonymous at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Let me explain, as a native Bavarian beer-drinker: Both descriptions are right. Though, people here in Munich prefer to call it "Weißbier", and people in other parts of Bavaria call it "Weizen". I have not so often heard the description "Weizenbier". But "Weißbier" is more official.

Nevertheless I prefer Schneider Weizen. I know Georg Schneider (the boss of the brewery) personally, and I know that they have excellent production standards. Besides, it is very tasty.

.... but there's no use discussing taste. :-))


By Markus Heller at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Schneider Weisse indeed rocks, I even prefer it over Erdinger. It is a pitty that in Holland it's hard to get.

By Debian user at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am

Not where I live... The Poort van Kleef in Deventer stocks Erdinger, Schneider and a few other German beers.

By Boudewijn Rempt at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am

It depends. I wouldn't drink an Erdinger, but an Augustiner is lucious. I prefer a good Pils, though.

By Carlo at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Well, last year we were in this Arabic (?) pub and they didn't serve any alcoholic beverages. So last year there was at least one pub without beer in Osnabrück. I guess you just don't go there. I can't blame you. :-)

By Ingo Klöcker at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Excellent, Erdinger is one of my favourite beers -- they sell it in the Asda near where I live (sardly part of Wal Mart :( )

By Chris Howells at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am

Exactly. Note that there is exactly one pub in Osnabrück that make their own beer (Rampendahl, in Hasestrasse IIRC).

By Arnd at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am

at least, that's what the Ximian people inside Novell are going to try. From my point of view, that a bold venture. They'll need to apply massive changes to get it work, and it may even got stuck in the middle. Time will tell, if it's a good idea to already advertise it while they haven't done anything to the code yet.
I'm very pleased with the ongoings on KDE-PIM though. Kontact matures apparently. I think it would be a wasted effort to (officially) try to port Kontact/kdelibs to windows (well you never know, if kdelibs can be ported, maybe we'll even see apps like Kontact on windows one day)

btw.: I'd still like to see a solution to ease the attachment of files to appointments like discussed in this bug:

just my 2 cents

By thomas at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

As we people from Oche (== Aachen in Germany) say "Net mulle, werke." ("Don't talk, work."):

By Ingo Klöcker at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Waste of time. Kontact/KMail etc. are KDE integrated apps.

By David at Sun, 2005/01/23 - 6:00am

Evolution... Now that chimes in with a discovery I made yesterday evening. I'm porting the Wet & Sticky paint model to Krita, and I needed a cut & dried rgb to hls color conversion routine. That particular routine wasn't yet in the KOffice painter lib, so I googled for something cut & pastable.

It turns out that (at least in some version) Evolution contains not just code to draw a bevelled button, but that that code also contains its own particular colourspace conversion routines:


I don't like to use the word 'bloat' in combination with code, mostly because that almost invariably exposes one as a complete ignoramus, but, well, I'd be tempted if I were sure that this code is actually inside a compiled Evolution.

By Boudewijn Rempt at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Great.. so they'll have the same beveled buttons on windows as on linux. Cool stuff. It has to be so much fun to reinvent the wheel over and over again, I guess... What else did they build in?

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch you first have to create the universe."

By thomas at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Jaroslav Staniek has already ported Kexi to Windows, why should it not be possible to port Kontact/kdepim especially because a windows based gpl'ed qt library release 3.3 is also available.

Kexi on windows - http://iidea.pl/~js/qkw/
QT/Win Free Edition - http://kde-cygwin.sf.net/qt3-win32/.


By Ralf Habacker at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

If I had known that I would have gone to my hometown! (I'm quite sure that this is not correct English but I cannot do it better, sorry...)

By the way: Osnabrück is the town where, according to a study, the happiest people of Germany live in. I can agree to that...

And I think, alcohol is no problem there. It's up to you to get it into a casual context ;-)

By maestro_alubia at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

> If I had known that I would have gone to my hometown!

Why? This was an invited-only developer meeting.

By Anonymous at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Yes, you are right, but I do not think that the developers will isolate theirselves totally, so that there would have been the chance to talk to them somewhere (maybe in a pub after the meeting).

By maestro_alubia at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

From the meeting notes: 1+ years? Oh no!!! That's too long ;)

By Anonymous at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

Not really, I expect KDE 4 to take at least 1-1.5 years from the 3.4 release. It's a big change.

By Tom at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am

Yeah, I know... But wouldn't you want to see a feature complete and stable KDE 4 the day after KDe 3.4 is out?

KDE 4 promises so many important/useful changes, I can't wait to see it happen. Then again: I know I should be patient. Developers: Keep up the good work! It is highly appreciated!!

By Anonymous at Fri, 2005/01/21 - 6:00am


Right now there is only a Qtopia Konnector available when using Multisynk or Kitchensync.
But there is also a IRmC Konnector , for Handys like Motorla T610 t630 in Kde-bluetooth. The Problem was that it has dependencies on KDEPIM and KDEBluetooth.
I also think that there is an SyncML Konnector , for Syncing newer devices or handies which already understand Syncml. (or pda's).
Can you make a plan to include those ? i used the irmc konnector with bluetooth quite a while, to sync my t630 with kadressbook, and its perfectly stable.

The inclusion of the mostly Bluetooth related sync stuff would benefit many people and would kick off sync usage and device integration.

are there plans to talk with the kde-bluetooth people for collaboration ?

Also a systray daemon for syncable devices would be nice if they are getting in range (detected).

so - any comment on KDEPIM<->KDE-BLUETOOTH ?

By xor at Thu, 2005/01/20 - 6:00am

I did once get it to work under KDE3.2. Syncing Evolution1 with either IRmC and the LDAP plugins. However, when I install Multisync and Evolution2, it looks as if it compiles all necessary plugins but won't show any of them under the resources. Just the default plugins as local, Qtopia etc. Right now, under KDE3.4, I can't even view my resources. It just crashes.

Should I compile all necessary apps manually with certain features enabled or disabled?

Any help would be appreciated.



By Victor at Sat, 2005/03/19 - 6:00am