KDE at Paris Solutions Linux 2005

Solutions Linux is the annual Parisian Linux and Open Source exhibition. The event runs in the Cnit exhibition center in La Défense from February 1 to February 3. The KDE Team will have a booth in the Pavillon des associations.
Come to meet developers, translators and other KDE fellows and watch the upcoming KDE 3.4 demonstrations.

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by annma (not verified)

I wish I was there to see all the KDE-francophone team members. I wish you all success in demonstrating KDE. Well done to the fr translation team and to all the i18n teams that make it possible to see KDE so widely spread.
And if you have a little time, go to the Lea booth and salute my friend Jiel whom I met in Montreal last year!
I'm waiting for some pics, do you plan to invite another celebrity for tea? (reference to last year Stallman's tea party).

by Fabrice (not verified)

The French KDE Team needs your help. Check out the kde-promo mailinglist .

Anyway I hope KDE-France is having a succesful event and show us the pics :)



by Clair Ruins (not verified)

Must say i love KDE! Doing a great job!!

Please keep it up!

Look forward to the pics :D