digiKam Artwork Contest

Photo management application digiKam and KDE-Look.org are teaming up to have a contest for the best new Superimpose Templates which will be included in digiKam's next release. The prizes are a digital memory card and kde-look t-shirt.

With digiKam's new Superimpose Templates you can make it look as though you have gone to exotic places without leaving the comfort of your desk. You can create totally killer postcards to keep on your fridge because they make you look so popular. You to can even have the body of a film star without those confusing gym memberships.

The Superimpose plugin allows you to use PNG template files
containing borders, frames, and composite images that can be added to or
superimposed on other images, hence the name Superimpose Templates. The
currently selected image acts as a background and the templates can then be
selected and overlaid on the image. You will be able to see the image
underneath the transparent areas of the template. These templates can be
created using paint programs such as The Gimp or Inkscape.

With this new feature you can create some great images including
photocards. There is a screenshot
of this plugin in action
on the Superimpose
Templates section of digiKam's manual
. Download the latest version of DigiKam and the
plugin pack
to experience this and many more of digiKam's awesome new features.

The categories for this contest are:

  • Special events or holidays - birthday, new baby, Christmas etc
  • Places - towns, monuments, nature scenes
  • Hobbies - sports, computers, etc
  • Cartoons
  • Miscellaneous

The 1st place entry will win a 256MB digital memory card and a cool new t-shirt from Revelinux Gear and the top two entries from each category will be included in the next release of digiKam.

Our contest is open to all artists. For more details see our contest guidelines.

To check out the latest entries visit kde-look.org.

This contest will end on March 28th 2005, so make sure you stop by.

For developers interested in having their own artwork contest please submit your request to kde-contests.

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by Friedrich (not verified)

Funny feature, should be merged with ktuberling ;)

Now, will we also have superimpose templates for KPhone? "Sshhhh..sshhh Hey buddy, call ya from the beach, it's fun here with all the girls ssshhh sshhh"

And finally we will need superimpose templates for video conferences :)) Animated videos for the background, like a konqui running cross your room, I would like that. Or putting yourself into a tv show... or whatever. Imagination is the limit.

No offense, really, there will be use for it. Guess what KDE demo points at fairs will start to attract visitors with from now on :))

by jameth (not verified)

There was a 3D object recognition tool for video which used some good edge and corner detection and a webcam to fairly effectively model a room. Then, things such as orcs could be placed in it in real time and made to walk about fairly effectively. Maybe your video templates aren't so far distant?

by ac (not verified)

I have to say the KDE community is feeling more and more fun each day. I love it! You can just feel the momentum of this project. =)

by Martin (not verified)

This is a really great idea.
It shows that the Linux community has finally arrived
on planet earth ;-) and writing apps that are
fun to use for all of us - giving the novice (Linux) users
useful results from their computer.
Not so long ago a lot about Linux was like having a microwave oven
with lots of different buttons for destroying eggs and
peforming physical experiments but without anyone ever thinking
about using it to prepare a meal.
After many network packet analyzers and window managers - finally
programs are arriving that are:
a) user-friendly
b) comprehensive
c) professional
AmaroK, K3B, DigiKam, KolourPaint, etc
(Flame bait: IMHO you can say this about _way_ more KDE than Gnome apps.)
And to all the sceptic geeks out there I can only say
that all this is a good thing because network analyzer won't magically
disappear but our favorite OS will gain a lot more momentum.

by Aaron J. Seigo (not verified)

> Not so long ago a lot about Linux was like having a microwave oven
> with lots of different buttons for destroying eggs and
> peforming physical experiments


that was good. thanks for the laugh! hehe... "egg destroyer button" ... now to find a way to use that in my blog =P

(and yeah, i agree with what you wrote 100%)

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

I totally disagree - its not flame bait to say KDE > Gnome on dot.kde.org. :P

by konqui-fan (not verified)

Of course it is flamebait!

It belittles KDE on its own web site.

How can you dare to praise KDE, and use less than 100 characters and only one sentence to do so?

by superstoned (not verified)


good thread :D

But I agree with the first poster, this is work that will set KDE's applications apart from the other FOSS applications.

these kind'a things where what FOSS always missed: the finnishing touch. easy to templates, and alot of them :D

by anon (not verified)

These artwork contests are inspiring more and more artists to get involved with apps, and improving apps' artworks. Very good.