KDE-Look Announces the Winner of T-Shirt Contest

The community has spoken and the winner of the First Annual KDE-Look T-Shirt Contest with 24 out of 81 votes is Nenad Grujicic with his entry Green. Nenad has won the first official KDE-Look T-shirt and an External 7 in 1 Memory Card Reader.

Congratulations goes out to him and to all of you who entered in this contest.

Our new KDE-Look T-Shirt is on sale at Revelinux Gear with all the proceeds going to help out with the costs of running KDE-Look.

When we posted the vote to KDE-Forum.org they thought that they were experiencing a denial of service attack because so many people viewed the forum at the same time! They were a bit relieved and excited when they found out it was a KDE related quest.

Just a reminder that the digiKam Superimposed Template Contest is in full swing. We are "looking" forward to seeing the artwork that this contest brings out.

For those of you interested in helping out on future contests please feel
free to join KDE-contests mailing

Be on the "look out" for many more great contests and challenges coming your
way soon.

KDE-Look... we overwhelm the world with beauty!

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by anon (not verified)

Am I right that if I want to have one of those shirts sent to germany I have to pay quite a lot shipping? Plus: I need a creditcard or use "Discover" which is not explained (I never read about it anywhere...).

Please correct me if I am wrong. I would love to pay < 20€ for one of those shirts but everything above 20€ is to much for me. And I don't own a creditcard.

by anon (not verified)

The € was the eurosymbol here. Konq-bug or Zope-Bug?

So: I am willing to pay up to 20 euro, not more.

by Spy Hunter (not verified)

Dot.kde.org bug. Specifically, not allowing HTML (tags or entities) in posts any more. Which is due to a squishdot security hole in how it filters the input HTML, which allows posting javascript in your comments. Which the admins don't apparently feel like ever fixing.

by Troy Unrau (not verified)

Discover is a credit card type dealy, which like the Diner's Club International Card, doesn't own a lot of mind-share.