KMail Wins MozillaQuest Editor's Choice

MozillaQuest Magazine has an overview of KMail. Their final evaluation of KMail awards it their "MozillaQuest Magazine Editor's Choice Award". The article includes the top five features from KMail author Ingo Klöcker, an explanation of some of KMail's standout features and some nice screen shots.

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by Joe Lorem (not verified)

If somebody was having trouble sending messages in Program X, then it is useful to know Progam Y works; it eliminates many factors.

KDE and Mozilla are not enemies. KDE uses Bugzilla. Just because Gnome uses more bits of Mozilla than KDE does, it still doesn't make it the enemy because Gnome isn't the enemy either.

Astroturf? Hardly. Are you seriously suggesting this was somebody close to the Mozilla project attempting to promote Thunderbird? For one, your message is the first suggestion ever I've heard that this sort of thing is going on. Certainly, at Slashdot, Mozilla devs post under their own names.

It looks more like the typical "Person who can't get something to work and posts an angry message about it". Not ideal, but then nobody's perfect, and certainly not a cause to fight back.

by Joe Lorem (not verified)


Make that posts *two* angry messages. Again not unusual, plenty people on IRC think their question is more visible if they repeat it a few times...

KMail doesn't cache IMAP emails as Thunderbird.
This is important for dialup 56k users (if you choose a mail, then another and finally the first it is re-downloaded...)

Just use the 'Disconnected IMAP' account type.

But disconnected IMAP has "wired" behaviour:
*) When clicking on a folder, it does not update it's contents (as is done by every other client, even kmail's "online IMAP")
*) It's not selectable which folder (not) to cache
*) Checking for new mails is much slower than with "online IMAP"

by Mikhail T. (not verified)

. No X-Face support -- my personal peeve.
. No true HTML-authoring in composing -- not even pictures (although that'd be nice), how about tables, links?
. No client-side certificate authentication.

. IMAP remains unstable despite moving from kio_imap to kio_newimap;
. Occasionally, the messages pane or the message pane remain blank;
. Obnoxious (and useless) verbosity, that sometimes causes the ~/.xsession-errors to fill up /home.

To be fair, there are other nice features, which make life tolerable, but I'd rather see the bugs fixed *first*.

by Paul Eggleton (not verified)

There is X-Face support in KMail in KDE 3.4.

by Anonymous (not verified)

> Obnoxious (and useless) verbosity, that sometimes causes the ~/.xsession-errors to fill up /home.

--disable-debug or kdebugdialog

Are you talking about kmail or thunderbird??