Announcing amaroK Live CD

The amaroK development team has teamed up with the Creative Commons sponsored Wired CD, published last year by Wired Magazine, to create a really cool Live CD called amaroK Live. It is an interesting extension of the project started by Wired using the Creative Commons licensing technique, which includes many of the principles embodied in free software.

The KDE-centric PCLinuxOS LiveCD distro was used as a base to create this really cool Live CD. amaroK Live is not so much a Live CD distro as it is a demonstration of a really cool music player. It is a stripped down Live CD (only 289MB including the music) with a fully functional amaroK music player bundled with the tracks commissioned last year by Wired Magazine, which are distributed under the Creative Commons Sampling Licenses. It includes - among other major artists - tracks by the Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

The tracks can all be legally shared for non-commercial purposes (some also allow commercial use) and can even be used to make derivative works using sampling techniques.

You can find screenshots of the recently released amaroK 1.2 on OSDir.

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Gave this a try, but amaroK closes itself whenever I try to open it - JuK without any error messages...

I wonder what's wrong with amaroK? My HW is a Intel P4/2400MHz on a Intel i845 motherboard with integrated audio (ICH4) and a Ati Radeon 9000. JuK works perfectly from the same CD. Some nice tracks there.

++ R

Well, it is some problem with xine-engine perhaps. Juk is using arts, so maybe you could try starting amarok with arts engine. at console prompt, try 'amarok --engine arts' or maybe try gstreamer with 'amarok --engine gst'

amarok in this LiveCD is enabled to use all three engines, but xine is set as default.


$ rm -rf .kde/share/apps/amarok*
$ rm .kde/share/config/amarok*

I had installed amaroK 1.1.x and 1.2 crashed on start. The above procedure fixed it.


I have the same issue on Slack 10.1 and Amarok will not run (v1.22 and v1
Initially it complains about gstplugins and gstreamer which I installed.
(why the packagers don't list or check dependencies when they make dependent apps - I don't know)
After removing the directories from your post - are you reinstalling anything? Or have the paths changed between versions?

by Sébastien Lacroix (not verified)

Mandriva 2007 Spring. Got same issue after installing some extra packages (like gpm and bash-completion). Amarok was crashing my X-server.
I thought about deleting ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok*
But missed the ~/.kde/share/config/amarok*

=> problem solved now. Thanks

by ac (not verified)

Nice to see the new icon "in action"! It sure looks better than the previous one.

by GMeyer (not verified)

I'm a little confused. Are you saying you are seeing the wolf and you like it, or you like that it is gone?

by Hans (not verified)

You can find the ISO DVD-Image (3GB) here.
Do we really need a live cd for each little program (like amarok)?

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

well, for killer apps like amaroK, sure.

by ac (not verified)

> Do we really need a live cd for each little program (like amarok)?

Does it take something away from you that this LiveCD exists?
Why do you care, if it doesn't interest you?

by Mark Kretschmann (not verified)

The cool thing about amaroK Live is that you can remaster it easily with a selection of your own music, and take it to a party. DJ on a CD :)

by Anton Velev (not verified)

Why it looks like iTunes? Is it just a skin or it looks by default like iTunes?

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

Um, no it doesn't.

by Max Howell (not verified)

The skin in the screenshots is baghira. Baghira mimics the Apple brushed metal theme.