Dave's Desktop: Drag 'n' Drop CD Ripping with Konqueror

Ripping tracks from a CD into OGG or MP3 is one of the most popular things we do with our home PCs these days. This How-To shows you how you can do this task quickly and easier than ever before, with the help of KDE and Konqueror. Read the complete article at Dave's Desktop - Ep. 21.

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Drag'n'drop CD-ripping is by far no new feature of KDE 3.4.

I would gladly pay if KDE could deliver on the marketing front.

But it seems my $20/year donations are not going to help much unless more people do the same.

by Darkelve (not verified)

Sorry, didn't know where to send this, so I'll post here:


Interesting comparison between KDevelop and Visual Studio.

by superstoned (not verified)

there is a 'post article' on this page (and all other dot page, you can use contribute too).

as you might know, type just in konqi (when focussed on the webpage): / post article

by cm (not verified)

Pretending you're serious about what you just said:
Or better even, type 'post (single quote, post)

That searches only for links.

by superstoned (not verified)

hey, that's cool! I did not know that... thanx!

by bjorn (not verified)

i have been using this feature of KDE with great pleasure sinds many months. but now, with KDE 3.4, i cannot get an mp3 folder in konqueror anymore. though i installed lame on both suse 9.3 and kubuntu, i do not get an mp3-tab in the settings of KDE. does anyone know the reason?

by tom (not verified)

i have got a drag n drop cd + dvd i am try to copy so file of one disc to another but it is not work of some resaon it comes up with the files were not added .(code:011-02-1048) F:\MOVIES\VCNTSC.PSS can you help ???? thanks tom

by Amy (not verified)

I've got the same problem and finally got it solved. Just right click on Data, then clear layout, and make sure on "option" (under the "Data CD Option"), File system is JOLIET and CD-ROM Mode is Mode2. Good luck. Amy