OSDir.com Project of the Week: Quanta Plus

Last week, Quanta Plus was selected as the Project of the Week on OSDir. In the interview with Eric Laffoon, the project leader of Quanta+ and Kommander, you can read about the past, present and future of the KDE Web Dev module.

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by Eric Laffoon (not verified)

If anyone is interested... I really loathe having to do this. So far this year we've received 8 donations outside of sponsorships and we have one less large sponsor who was contributing $100 a month. While trying to advance my business and have resource capital I'm into my income for a sizable amount and that is before aKademy. At this rate I will need to come up with thousands of dollars by mid year or consider whether I can have two people sponsored. This year Andras had to do docs and Andras and I are doing the new web site. I see a few posts about how nice Quanta and Kommander are, but some tangible encouragement right now would be nice.

Free software isn't free to produce. I personally spend enough time for a part time to full time job on our project and have put in thousands of dollars of my own money. If a fraction of a percent of our users contributed what amounted to lunch money once or twice a week it would be a huge turn around for us. So far this year we have had to turn down two speaking engagements and an effort to get developers together to merge Quanta with the Kdevelop framework. While I hope to be able to cover thousands of dollars in additional costs for the project by later this year I don't see why I should be under this kind of stress. Our users have been very supportive in the past and I wish I didn't have to keep asking to get that support. The need is pretty much always there.

I can unequivicably say that our current situation is negatively impacting our efforts to bring you the best possible tool.

Users can help at http://kdewebdev.org/donate.php and I hope you consider a sponsorship as enough of these mean I may eventually be able to stop pleading for help. We really need the level of support we have had in the past, but this time I hope it's not the same people again, but some new people helping.