Announcing the New Website is a new KDE sister website created specifically for artists and coders to use for reference and direction in creating a high quality consistant user interface. It is also the home of Kollaboration, a new concept created by several people to give dreamers, artists, and coders a place to work together.

Here are just a few things you will be able to do at use Kollaboration to see your ideas or concepts come to life, interact with and learn from seasoned developers, learn new "tips and tricks", easily find guidelines for creating high quality KDE artwork, acquire re-usable tools like color palettes, and icon elements, get involved with the "official development", vote for preferences, help establish standards, get involved to help coordinate the look and feel of each release, and a space where coders can request specific artwork for their applications.

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by Samuel Weber (not verified)

The new site looks awesome, will be a redirect to

by jumpy (not verified)

I second this! please do. There are so much dead leaves in the kde domains and they puzzle people. One reference site for artists.

That's because the new site is soo goood and really replaces the other. The gfx is cool, the site is so.. artistic!
It's great there are the discussion forums, already filled with very interesting topics! <- go read 'em.

another sidenote: 'guidelines & tutorials' triggers the 'art development' menu, are there other ways to get to it? is G&T a 1st level menu entry?

finally: *thank you artists*, you're enlighting our community :-)

by luci (not verified)

I third this ! ;)
(Since I still have no write access to SVN, I can't update the info on current :( )

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

It is very confusing for New users (my friends) to know where is the "Home", "Reload" buttons!

Because it uses Blue and White for all these

1. Go back
2. Go Forward
3. Go UP
4. Go HOME
5. Reload

Other than seasoned KDE users it is not possible for new users to understand where "HOME", and "Reload" buttons are :(

why not make the Stop button in a BLUE color so that even experienced KDE users can't find it.

Just look at Linspire's clear-e theme, which has nice HOME and Reload icons for konqueror.

Everaldo please release your clear-e konqueror toolbar icons (Back, forward, up, home, reload and stop)! for KDE!!! We need your help!

by Hugo Rodrigues (not verified)

I second this!
IMHO the "Reload" button should be in green color (just like other browser's default color) and the "Home" button should be in red color (just like in root folder's color).
Don't get me wrong, I like the blue but new users will definitly be confused by the all blue looking buttons.

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

Instead of asking you to look at linspire icons, here is the attachment.

by ac (not verified)

Wow, your new icons are incredibly lame! Check out the ones I've attached. Sooooo much better.

by Samuel Weber (not verified)

lol, what are those, kde classic?

by ac (not verified)

an older version of crystal. =)

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

Yes it is better.

There is one issue with the blue arrows. These same icons are also used for other purposes and then the round recess looks out of place.


by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

I love the color and style used there :) Thank you!

by superstoned (not verified)

a beautiful site, fits the artists well i think :D

by charles (not verified)

I feel KDE needs some serious new mouse icons. The X11 default icon theme has not changed in a long time. This mouse theme is not as clear/crisp as KDE is in general.

by cm (not verified)

There are some nice ones at
I'm using Grounation from there, for example:

So you're suggesting KDE should bundle one (of them?) and install it on first startup?

by Anonymous (not verified)

Maybe a little more empty space between the sections and the menus would be fine. As it is now, it looks too crowded.

by Marko Rosic (not verified)

Too bad doesn't share this look... it looks like stoneage site :)

by ac (not verified)

You're not using the latest Konqueror with shadow support, are you? It only looks stone aged in outdated browsers. ;)

by luci (not verified)

the shadow effect was removed from the web version of the CSS afaik (iirc)

by ac (not verified)

Why that?

by Marko Rosic (not verified)

Well... as a web designer I just have to say that it is a bad design to make something visible in just one browser. CSS2 and 3 look great on paper but... Anyway project like KDE need a great looking site for marketing reasons. Would you ever buy badly packaged product... or to rephrase, would you rather buy a well designed and packaged product? :)