Quickies: Win32 Kontact, Awards, Hurd, Kubuntu Bounties, Linspire Job

KDE/Qt company KDAB will port Kontact to Windows once Qt 4 is out. *** Linux Journal are holding their Readers' Choice Awards, make sure you vote for KDE. *** Some elite Debian hackers ported Qt to the Hurd. *** Kubuntu released a Live CD with KDE 3.4.1 and KOffice 1.4 beta, and if you missed out on the Google bounties you may be interested in the Kubuntu Bounties. *** Finally congratulations to Matt Rogers on getting a job with Linspire to work on instant messenger program Kopete.

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by cies breijs (not verified)


I wonder what KDE apps will find their way to the smelly platform when Qt4 gets GPLed.

BTW: Evolution is reported to compile on windows.

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

Evolution compiles on Windows? So? Kontact does already run on Windows due to the folks of kde-cygwin. Three days ago the first snapshot of KDE 3.4.1 for cygwin was released (http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=473247
"Posted By: habacker
Date: 2005-06-11 12:14
Summary: First snapshot of KDE 3.4.1 for cygwin available

Today the first snapshot release of KDE 3.4.1 for cygwin is released. It is compiled from recent kde svn sources and contains all application from the kdebase package like konqueror, kate, kicker and mostly applications from kdepim like kmail, korganizer, kontact and friends.

From the kdesdk package there is umbrello included.

As special feature a tool named lnk2desktop is available, which imports explorer startmenu items into kicker.

You can download this snapshot from

by TIM.. (not verified)

In that case Evolution runs already on Windows too via cygwin too, Evolution its making its way to run native on Windows the same Kontact is trying to.

so please get the facs.

by cies breijs (not verified)

it was just a little (BTW) note... no offense :)

by jumpy (not verified)

How many great news!!! I'm Amazed!!
Great times, aren't they ?? :-)
( Take a look at this artwork I just tried in amarok:
http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=25178 )

Is this true?

If so, why and will the final be this way? One of the most important things about KDE IMO is speed, and I would hate for it to get any slower.

Huh? How can KDE 3.5 be slower than anything it's not out yet.

No offense intended, but if you're concerned about speed why not develop some benchmarks and check out KDE HEAD on a regular basis and report your findings. That could be helpful.

From many perspectives, it is wise to worry about quality first...then optimize.

Besides, the product is not even close to beta...have some patients...

by Daniel (not verified)

And I'm sure everyone will pay close attention to performance, I wouldn't worry about it.

by superstoned (not verified)

if everybody thinks that, it won't be very fast :D

by Inge Wallin (not verified)

Interesting that KOffice was mentioned among the choices, but not Abiword and Gnumeric.

by TIM.. (not verified)

>>office program: KDE Kontact
>>office program: KOffice
>>office program: LaTex
>>office program: LyX
>>office program: OpenOffice.org
>>office program: Scribus
>>office program: StarOffice
>>office program: Mozilla Sunbird

Right, that poll sucks, no Gnumeric, no Abiword.

That poll is biased.

by Petteri (not verified)

That Hurd port seem really nice. Mayby couple of year more and then I can get my Debian GNU/Hurd running with my favorate desktop environment ;)

by Mario Fux (not verified)

Even KDE runs on Hurd. See the announcement [1] and a screenshot [2].

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-hurd/2005/06/msg00056.html
[2] http://www.h1.org/~ncryer/kde.png

by Josef Spillner (not verified)

Qt runs on the L4 microkernel directly (under a DROPS environment), which is the kernel that Hurd is being ported on, deprecating GNU Mach.


Any volunteers for a KDE port? :)

by cm (not verified)

> Any volunteers for a KDE port? :)

Too late, it seems... :)


by cm (not verified)

Oops, sorry. Please forget the previous post...

by mikeyd (not verified)

I keed, I keed

by iKDE (not verified)

That seems pretty odd, being that they are a big sponsor of the gaim project. I wonder what they're up to?