KDE Dot News: Now Sponsored by Ark Linux and OSUOSL

I am pleased to announce that KDE Dot News has gained new hosting sponsors. We are now hosted on the Ark Linux server through the OSU Open Source Lab network, having successfully completed the transfer little more than a week ago. As some of you may know, we have a long history of having been hosted and co-hosted with Ark Linux, so it is great to be back with our old friends.

We are truly grateful to Pierre-Emmanuel Muller and LeVillage for having hosted and supported KDE Dot News for the longest time possible -- three entire years with no strings attached. We are indeed lucky to have such friends.

On a related note, David Solbach and Olivier Bédard have both made generous offers to host any KDE project in need -- feel free to contact them for details.

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by chc (not verified)

kdenews.org was (is) the only site from the kde project which does not load fast. I hope its better now. lets see .. . ... . .. .. .

by ac (not verified)

Yep! It's fast.

by Anonymous (not verified)

Finally a fast loading Dot News! Thanks to all!

by Sam Weber (not verified)

A while back I remember reading a blog about the dot rewritten in ruby (or was it python?) Is there work on the front? Or is that necessary now?


by J.M. (not verified)

If you look near the bottom of the front page they write that this site uses squishdot for zope, which is written in python. Zope is very cool, but is memory hungry.

by Anonymous (not verified)

You didn't have a Zope error on the new server yet? Lucky guy...

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

I'm not promising anything for before the year's end, because that's what my schedule is looking like, but I intend to go ahead with the Ruby plan.

We have several problems right now, and to be fair Zope isn't always the culprit. I've been fixing our installation here and there (e.g. the new improved on-demand flatforty which uses neither a ZCatalog nor the article list) and things have improved somewhat, but we still leak memory and eventually the site slows to a crawl and has to be restarted.

Probably if I remove the (nearly useless) search features the state of things will improve somewhat, but I don't have a good replacement. Also our current version of Apache doesn't seem to have a caching module available.

I'll continue to try improving the Zope setup in the interim, but still expect to replace the whole thing eventually.

by Ingo Klöcker (not verified)

Instead of removing the simple search field you should simply make it call 'gg: site:dot.kde.org'.

by ac (not verified)

Exactly, that's what I'd suggest as well (and removing the 'encoding' drop down list for addPostingForm).

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

Yes I am aware of this and this was my plan all along.

The problem is searching for authors or categories or titles or even controlling the date range. I'm more worried about the first two, since the latter two barely work.

by Joergen Ramskov (not verified)

Thank you all for you contribution to make KDE a better place :)