Initial Release of Telephony Application KCall

The KCall team is happy to announce its first public beta release, which was finished during LinuxTag 2005. The telephony application KCall integrates with Kontact and makes use of KDE's central addressbook (screenshots). This enables KCall to access phone numbers stored in the groupware servers supported by Kontact.
The currently supported telephony backend is kphone's SIP implementation, a VoIP softphone. Other backends will be provided through the planned OpenTAPI framework.

Major features of this release are:

  • VoIP calls via SIP
  • user notification through an applet, the main application is not necessary for making phone calls
  • access to KDE's addressbook. Through this phone numbers stored in a groupware server are also available.
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by ac (not verified)

I don't like the k* namimg system, neither the k*, neither the "c" or "g" replaced by "k".

Somehow it remembers me the times when people and apps were migrating from
dos to windows, and often a "win" was prepended or added somewhere to applications names to show they are the latest and hottest...

e.g. word -> winword

And, Quanta makes a nice exception of the k-scheme...

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

kphone though existing for long, I could not figure out how to use it. We definitely need "Easy to understand" and "Not for Nerds!" documentation for VOIP in KDE and GNU/Linux!

OpenWengo works nicely but under Windows, Linux version doesn't compile.

What I wish is a Skype like Just Works! (TM) for KDE's voip solution like KCall and/or kphone or any other voip/p2p voip.

An integration of KCall into Kopete would be the greatest thing. Getting IP Address from the 'ifconfig' and providing it to kopete's voip thing will make it more like "Kopete p2p voice over ip" even though a user use msn, aol, yahoo, or whatever is supported by kopete.

kopete can get the system ip and send it to kopete's kcall plugin for establishing of p2p voip communication. That would be a coolest thing. no logins, no sip blah blah etc. it will just work!

correct me if i'm wrong.

by Josh (not verified)

You are not wrong. I wish I could have a voip like skype for KDE. I wish the kde team would work on something like that.

by Jaime R. Garza C. (not verified)

Nobody is working on that because skype doeas a very good job.

And they use QT for the Linux Version.

So what's the problem with skype?

by u.n. finished (not verified)

skype is not free software.

by Sebastien F. (not verified)

Yep, Skype use Qt but it's a proprietary software and it also is forbidden in many universities and societies because of security matter.

In fact, KCall and Kopete should be able to interract in a way to have a good gtalk equivalent on kde.

If someone need a good free software allowing using Xmpp tchat and voip, Gizmo is very good. But its interface is in GTK+.

Using GTK-QT-Theme, the difference between gtk apps and qt apps won't be so visible and Gizmo will look like a Qt app. :)

by Denilson F. de Sá (not verified)

> Nobody is working on that because skype doeas a very good job.
> And they use QT for the Linux Version.
> So what's the problem with skype?

Because Skype is closed-source, and also uses a closed protocol, and so on.

And some people (like me) need a program that is able to talk to standard open-protocol VoIP systems (in other words, a SIP phone).

I don't know about KCall, but Twinkle works for me. Unfortunately, the interface is not that good. Being able to integrate something like Twinkle inside Kopete would be great.

by Andre (not verified)

Why KCall and not Kall??

by gerd (not verified)

openTAPi, btw. didn't the Wine project implement the MS-TAPI?

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

Unfortunately, there is no help! I have registered with But what do i do with that FWD number 671998?

could you please guide me how to use FWD account with kcall?

by Eva Brucherseifer (not verified)

I guess is your friend. KCall has a settings dialog.

Your settings should then be something like
SIP URI: [email protected]
Username: 671998
Password: *****

Don't forget to adapt the STUN server.

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

thanks kphone 4.1.1 works (dialed 613 echo service) but not kcall :(.

I wish that kphone and kcall should allow new-freeworld dialup account creation and saving the username and password for trouble free voip :)

by ant-phone user (not verified)


Will it be able to use phone lines from isdn (like ant-phone) or voice-modem devices?

by Kasper Sandberg (not verified)

i believe this is an important thing, however i do believe this should happen in the form of plugins for kopete allowing SIP/Iax integration with kopete, aswell as an skype plugin for kopete

this way, the kde world would be able to connect to anything availiable, since i believe nearly all voip is iax/sip for the normal stuff, and for the p2p thing skype is dominating