KDE Commit Digest for July 8, 2005

Some highlights from this week's KDE Commit-Digest (all in one page):
KPDF can now open PS files.
Kexi form designer supports drag and drop of database fields to create forms.
Krita now has a pixelize filter, bumpmapping and watercolor painting.
KRDC now has KWallet support.
KRecipes improves printing.
Also bug fixes and speedups in khtml.

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by ac (not verified)

> New features would be great, but KDE is already feature rich. It would be wonderfull if things went smoothly all the time in addition. As a nice example - take a look at bug 51484, reported in 2002. It's only gotten better this week!

Ample time to fix it, right? Where can I find your patch?

by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

> Ample time to fix it, right? Where can I find your patch?


If you live in Oslo or Stockholm though, you'll find yourself in a position to demand 2 beers per 20% speedup in kontact, for the following two areas:

- Applying filters on an IMAP inbox folder w/1000 emails per day, filtering to local folders.
- Retreiving all IMAP mail.

So optimize it and I'll buy you beer. ;)

by superstoned (not verified)

well, the kde dev's optimize all the time, so i guess that'll happen. if it'll be enough, tough, i'm not sure. but KDE WILL get faster anyway, as advancements are made in GCC and other parts of the toolchain KDE relies on. and KDE4 will get you a nice speedup, too, while introducing lots of features at the same time. and please join the dev's testing KDE 4, so you can find some bugs and weak points like awfull slowness in certain scenario's.