KDE Plugin in the Official OpenOffice.org Packages

A year and a half after launching the KDE.OpenOffice.org Integration Project, the KDE plugin with the Native Widget Framework has become part of the official OpenOffice.org development packages. Developer snapshot m118 is the first of the towards-2.0 milestones that contains it.

Please keep in mind that if you use a Linux distribution with OpenOffice.org packages based on ooo-build (Wiki), you most probably already have this. ooo-build also contains additional KDE integration features like Crystal icons for OOo (big thanks to Nuno Pinheiro and Robert Wadley!), and KDE file dialog.

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by Eike Hein (not verified)

> Anyways, so what does "merge time: 7 minutes and 41 seconds" really mean in the message above ?

Download time of the binary files + installation (unpacking, moving).

by radfoj (not verified)

I emerged 1.9.118, but dont know, what to do now. How can I do it to let OOo using KDE widgets?

by radfoj (not verified)

It seem that I didnt understand it. One think I was before worrying about, it was e.g. "save as" or "open" dialog - why they didnt looks like as KDE dialogs or how to enable it. :-(

by Corbin (not verified)

Currently the Open and Save As dialogs aren't using the native KDE dialogs (according to a post farther up).

by j-kidd (not verified)

I have created an ebuild that is based on ooo-build:

Give it a try :)

by cb (not verified)

Is it only me who sees that those icons are kind-of too big? If they were made smaller, and contrast increased, they'd look much better.

by Hanno (not verified)

Gentoo-Dev suka also works on that:

Maybe you should contact him and coordinate the work on inofficial ooo-build-ebuilds.

by j-kidd (not verified)

Hanno (geki :)), I know that suka has started working on it, but I think I should give my ebuild a little testings first before contacting him.

If you look at http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/openoffice/2004-November/000587.html, suka said that he would try to use the ooo-build system but unfortunately it is still not the case. The ebuild I made is based on the ooo-build system which should make the job of maintaining the ebuild much easier.

To everyone who has tried the ebuild, can you please send a success/failure report to ooo.build at gmail.com? Of course, just take your time if it is still compiling for you. It takes more than 24 hours for a successful compile here :)

And attached is a screenshot of higher contrast, smaller icons for cb.

by genneth (not verified)

Reading the ebuild, why do you use:

! use flag && do_something

instead of

use flag || do_something

by j-kidd (not verified)

I don't know, it was originally an if-then block so I guess it was straight forward to rewrite it in such a way. Is there any advantage of using one way over the other?

by MandrakeUser (not verified)

So, is there a list of distros using ooo-build ? Is Mandriva using it ? How about Kubuntu ?

Many thanks,

by Anonymous (not verified)

Many have these desktop integration patches for OOo: SUSE (of course), Fedora, Kubuntu Breezy, ...

by JB (not verified)

Whay is the "Preview" button an electrocutaded printer?

by Eha (not verified)

Are the menus still dark grey and horrible looking?

by Anonymous (not verified)

I guess the answer is "no". :-)

by Eha (not verified)

Great! :D

by fg (not verified)

would be greate if the kioslaves (sftp/fish/smb) would be fully supported to allow remote working.
oo118 hangs on opening and does not save to sftp (message protokoll not supported)

by hannes hauswedell (not verified)

what is that state of java usage in ooo2? has gcj been integrated yet to allow building on clean (as without comercial software) systems?

by GuZ (not verified)

OO 1.9m120 still needs the JDK to build, at least on FreeBSD...

by Anonymous (not verified)

In other news from Ottawa Linux Symposium: RedHat is considering moving KDE to
extras on Fedora and RHEL5. Was said in yesterdays Fedora BOF.

by zmc (not verified)

It's been discussed for a while now already. Trust me, KDE will be happier in Extras. You'll still be able to install KDE during the Fedora install, too if and when the transfer happens.

by Asdex (not verified)


I am using the Suse RPMs of OpenOffice.org 1.9.116. They include the Crystal Icons and the KDE plugin with the Native Widget Framework. But this Openoffice is much slower than a plain OpenOffice.org 1.9.116. Is the KDE Native Widget Framework really so slow? For example, it takes some seconds for the file dialog to appear, the file dialog of the unmodified OOo appeares nearly instantaneously. Even the menu bar shows some lag. It's like working over a 10 Mbit romote X11 connection...

I hope this will improve, otherwise the KDE integration can only be seen as a prove of concept.

by ac (not verified)

It's just a proof of concept, actual KDE integration is something different from what's done to that "KDE Native Widget Framework".

by James Richard Tyrer (not verified)

I get this error message:

Plugin uses incompatible Qt library (3.3.4)!

Do I need to use a specific Qt version?