2005 Bastian Salmela Interviewed, Kollaboration Success has interviewed KDE's Konqi artist Bastian Salmela. Basse talks about how he got involved in KDE artwork when he updated the model our maskot Konqi the Dragon. He also reveals his next project to be Orange, the first Open Source animated film. Meanwhile the Kollaboration forum for artist/developer communication has some exciting projects on the go, read on for more.

Kollaborations to Take Note of

Kollaborations for KDE 3.5 artwork has been started. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the default look and feel of KDE. At a recent IRC meeting it was decided to improve the colours in the about:konqueror pages of 3.4 and reuse some of the elements. It was also decided to take the wave element and use it as a common theme throughout 3.5. At this point we need various versions of the wave element so as to achieve a better fit with the the interface as a whole.

Kontact has started a Kollaboration board, Make Kontact Sexy, for new icons and elements to spice up their corporate look. There will be an upcoming contest to create a new logo and icon for Kontact.

Our newest Kollaboration board is for Ept, a new Debian package manager. Suggestions for application icon welcome.

The quote of the month is from Andreas Gungl in regards to Kollaboration "Wow, it's impressive to see the feedback. It seems this platform is going to become a huge value for KDE art development." Several Kollaborations have been completed among them are KTorrent, KBoggle and Kalzium.

Finally our Guides and Tutorials gained an article explaining where to install your icons to.


As the author of Kalzium I can only thank this project. I not only got mockups for the new interface but also about 10 new icons for Kalzium. In all that in pretty much no time. Thanks.

By Carsten Niehaus at Tue, 2005/08/09 - 5:00am

.. for creating a place where artists can share their work. BWT I am really excited what the artists have in store for KDE 4.



By Fab at Tue, 2005/08/09 - 5:00am

The Kontact Icon Contest guidelines are now available at,com_smf/Itemid,48/expv,0/to...

BTW many many thanks to Lando who has contributed an unbelieve amount of time and energy into the KDE-Artists site.

By Janet Theobroma at Tue, 2005/08/09 - 5:00am