Kontact Logo Competition Gets Serious

Kontact started a competition for a new logo earlier this month; where the winning logo will become the official logo at the next release. Now we found a sponsor to back the competition to give a Wacom tablet to the artist that created the winning logo.

Kontact is the application that can bring order to your life by managing your contact addresses, emails and appointments in a mature and professional manner. In the upcoming release of Kontact, together with KDE 3.5, there have been various changes we are very excited about, usability reviews have been done and a lot of deployments have resulted in a smoother operation when backed with the groupware backends like Kolab.

The KDE e.V. will sponsor the contest for a new logo by providing a prize to be given to the winning entry. The prize will be a Wacom Graphire A5 tablet, which works great with paint applications like Krita.

The new logo will be used in icons for application and menu entries and documentation. Next to that, a new website and advertising or t-shirts will use the logo so be prepared to let lots of people see your work!

More info at the kde-artist website.

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by aile (not verified)

Does KDE suppiort tablet PCs?

by Thomas Zander (not verified)

The mentioned paint application "Krita" is a KDE application and Krita supports tablets, including its pressure sensitivity, just fine.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

Well, there's a difference between a tablet pc and a tablet; but if X11 supports the tablet pc, Qt will support it, and then Krita will be able to use it.

Note for Debian users: Debian's Qt packages do not include tablet support in the default Qt packages. I don't know why, but Jonathan Riddell has fixed this for Kubuntu.

As an aside: adding tablet support was why I started working on Krita. I had bought a Wacom tablet, and discovered that there was no app under Linux that worked really well with my tablet...

by Bert (not verified)

Microsoft's Tablet PC was no success but the software looked intresting. I wonder whether tablet OCR is easy to be supported.

by Jim (not verified)

That's a tablet as in mouse replacing input tool for artists, not tablet PC.

by Thomas Zander (not verified)

oops; I did not expect you to go off topic from wacom tablets to tablet PCs.
I actually have a tablet PC and the tablet is fully supported since the touchscreen is just another input driver for X11 and your software just thinks its being controlled by a mouse. So; not support for KDE is needed, only for X11.

See also the Jul-2005 edition of the German magazine LinuxUser where this is discussed in.

by Boudewijn Rempt (not verified)

In that case I guess there's no pressure sensitivity, tilt or twirl, right?

by Willie Sippel (not verified)

There are tablet PCs from Motion Computing with pressure sensitivity, tilt and everything, taylored at artists. I think the tablet they use is made by Wacom (a tablet PC/ Wacom Cintiq combo):