People Behind KDE: Kevin Ottens

Known for his work on some of the new ioslaves in KDE. A man who thinks auto-shaving would be nice usability improvement of himself. We present you the latest People Behind KDE interview with ... Kévin Ottens.

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by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

It is the media:/ and system:/ ioslave which makes kde more user friendly. Thank you for such a great contribution to KDE.

I really like media:/ system:/ ioslaves, but most applications can't open files (file open dialog) and from konqueror file. I believe you'll improve media:/ ioslave in coming kde releases. Please try to make it transparent to the applications by changing media:/cdrom to /mnt/cdrom (mount point) automatically when accessed so that non-kde applications could also work easily with media:/ ioslaves.

by MacBerry (not verified)

I fully second that. The nice framework is one thing, the compatibility with external world (non-kde applications) is another - as important as the first one!

It's still sort of an issue with one KDE application - Konsole (or, more properly, bash or zsh or any shell in existance as far as I know).
If I'm browsing around on say, fish:// and tap F4, I can't access my ssh session

That feature would indeed be very helpful. It is not implemented but there is a corresponding wishlist entry that you can vote for:

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

as you've rightly said, hal is linux only solution, much like alsa for sound. But is there anything which will work across all Unix platforms? this of course does not mean to remove the hal+dbus support from kde.

I tried desktopBSD but i missed media:/cdrom thing there. but on my slackware 10.1 with kernel + Hal 4 + dbus + pmount it feels real simple and easy to use cdrom or usb storage disks.

So, how are we going to make Unix media:/ ioslave compatible???

by Bertram (not verified)

Isn't that the job of the Desktop BSD project?

by Lauri Watts (not verified)

media:/ works just fine on FreeBSD.