First KDE Appreciation Awards Announced

This year's aKademy saw a whole new innovation: The KDE Appreciation Awards, also known as the "aKademy Awards". Their purpose is to recognize outstanding contribution to the KDE community. The awards are for best application, best contribution to KDE and the Jury's Choice Award. The jury consisted of the well-known KDE hackers Aaron Seigo, Brad Hards, David Faure and Matthias Ettrich. If you want to know who the winners are, read on!

The award for the best application or application improvement went to Albert Astals Cid and Enrico Ros for their amazing work KPDF. In the last year KPDF has gone from a poor comparison to KGhostScript to the best Free Software PDF reader available. As part of the Poppler PDF library and the new oKular universal document viewer they are set to remain the leader.

The prize for the best contribution was awarded to Lauri Watts, the KDE documentation coordinator, for her outstanding and long-running work which has resulted in KDE having the largest collection of DocBook in the world.

Finally, the "Jury's Choice Award" went to release coordinator Stephan Kulow and KDM-Maintainer Oswald Buddenhagen for the effort they have put into the Subversion migration. KDE development has been faster and easier thanks to the long hours they put into the conversion.

The winners will receive a framed picture of Konqi signed by all attending KDE developers.

Next year, the jury panel will consist of this year's winners. At aKademy 2006 it will be up to them to select the most outstanding work from within the KDE community. Credits go to our very own David Vignoni for designing the awards.

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by manyoso (not verified)

What have you guys been doing to Aaron??!!

He looks like a dear caught in headlights!

LOL! I swear I did not read your post, but only the article.
And while looking at the photo I thought _exactly_ the same.
What the heck are they putting in the water down in Spain??
I was about to read the article to its end and then posting sth. about this
but you beat me to it!
And BTW: A dear caught in headlights is one of the cutest typo's I've
seen in a while. Isnt he both in a way? ;-)

LOL!!!! I believe the bird that came out the camera scared him to death...

With his recent introduction into KDE E.V. and Trolltech maybe he is just being fully assimilated.

by Derek Kite (not verified)

Its the lutefisk.


He has been member of KDE e.V. for a while already.

He just got inducted into the board two days ago.

by Víctor Fernández (not verified)

LOL! Sure it's due to the saturnday night party and/or the girls from Malaga. ;)

by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

oKular project was supposed to be finished by 25 august, I hope it is finished by now, I can't find any link to download oKular. Is it compilable in KDE 3.5svn?

by Albert Astals Cid (not verified)

Since a long time ago

svn co svn://

Keep in mind you need ghostscript compiled as a library, not many, if any distros ship it, so you could need to download gs and make so, make soinstall

Also the check for chmlib is still not present so install it.

BTW Piotr (Google Summer of Coder) will be grateful to hear from your experiences with his code.

by Mario Fux (not verified)

Good morning

May I ask you if oKular is supposed to be a replacement (in the long turn) for Kpdf (kghostview and kviewshell)?

Don't unterstand me wrong. I've nothing against kpdf, it's excellent but I heard that oKular is based on kpdf and it would really make sence to have one single document view program.

thx a lot

by Albert Astals Cid (not verified)

Yes it is

I think he got it, at least after the second answer :-)

by Mario Fux (not verified)

Yes, I do ;-).

But I think the problem was because of temporary down time of the dot.

by Albert Astals Cid (not verified)

I had some problems with the browser telling me it could not process the answer :-D

by martin (not verified)

Will be intresting to see whether a plugin will get developed too.

by me (not verified)

if I had been the jury, amarok would have made it. Its really come from a crash-prone piece of pushbuttons to a great audioplayer! thanks for that! (kpdf is cool, too :)

by Enrico Ros (not verified)

If I had been the jury, made exception for kpdf (for obvious reasons) I'd have prized amarok too, since I use it many hours a day and it keeps surprising me.

Other than that I think there are many apps who can share the prize, such as kolourpaint or krita on gfx, konqueror for the stability it reached in 3.x series, kate for having become a perfect lovely editor, kicker for getting better every other day, and other external apps such as kmymoney, kat, the many apps I use it everyday and.. you name it.

Finally I think that a prize for "the best kde technology of the year" sould be given. ksvg2 has lots of efforts behind it, ghns has been adopted in many places as long as khtml (proven good by many 3rd party work) and khtml_part (getting integrated for whatever reason in nearly every mayor app). Next year choosing among those will be easier since we'll found them in kdelibs/frameworks or kdelibs-frameworks or wathever the clever kde4 guys will call it.

If I'd been in the jury next year, I'd assign the apps prize to the one(s) that most improved in 2005/2k6 and there are many apps ready to be taken, broken, rebuilt and brought to the 21th century. (hey, wait a moment: next year I'll be in the jury! ;D) Anyone ready?

by martin (not verified)

Is Kolourpaint still beeing developed? Development seems to be stalled.

by furangu (not verified)

Don't forget that Amarok and kpdf could get a common future:

Podcasts also support PDF documents...

by Matze (not verified)

MS Info Path, what open source program does compete with it?

It's a pretty kool tool, a form assistent, but it is only part of expensive business versions of Office 2003.

by ac (not verified)

You mean MS' try of an Adobe Acrobat killer? Do you seriously expect developers her to buy a license based on such hype to check out if they "missed something to copy"?

If not please try to reword your post describing what features/application you see missing based on what use cases, that all without mentioning exiting proprietary software one "have to look at", and you will get an answer what of your suggested pieces are existing already and what would be further needed to fulfil your suggestion as a whole.