KDE and digiKam Receive TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award

With its Issue #6, TUX Magazine published the winners of its first annual Readers' Choice Awards, placing KDE in the first place in the "Favorite Desktop Environment" category and digiKam first in the "Favorite Digital Photo Management Tool".

In addition, KDE applications were placed second in categories "Favorite Communications Tool" (Kopete), "Favorite Web Browser" (Konqueror), "Favorite Mail Client" (KMail), "Favorite Productivity Tool" (KOffice), "Favorite Music Player" (amaroK) and "Favorite Media Player" (Kaffeine). KDE applications Kate and KWrite, which are in fact one application only, won second and third places in the "Favorite Text Editor" category, and would have got the first place if their votes were added together.

The KDE Project and its contributors are very proud of these results, considering they are the users' choices and votes that counted. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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by Thorsten Schnebeck (not verified)

digiKam is one of KDE power application outside of KDEs base modules and deserves the award! The pace from 0.5 to 0.8pre is really impressive!



by superstoned (not verified)

fully agreed! togheter with AmaroK and K3B is digiKam one of the showcases of the excelent applications available for KDE.

by am (not verified)

Agreed. Digikam is really really good. I can't wait for 0.8 :) The export to gallery is fantastic!

by BIrdy (not verified)

Although digikam is really great, I would like to see some improvements in its UI.

by Jörn (not verified)

Cool, tell us what.

Do you know our new UI in 0.8?

by leeghoofd (not verified)

What a coincidence, just bevore I read this I also sended you a mail about a interface idee :)

by Gilles Caulier (not verified)

And another improvements using SideBar for image properties ! it's planed to 0.8.1. Take a look here :


Gilles Caulier

by Birdy (not verified)

There are just small things which should be debated before, so not well suited for bugs.kde.org. Some things are:
* No 90° roations in the toobars ( 90° and 270° are bad without icons - I always have to think about which is for which direction)
* The context menus for the images are to long
* Are the browsing buttons in the toolbar used by anyone?!?
* The installed digicam(s) should be acessable by the toolbar (as it was some versions ago)
* ...

by Jörn Ahrens (not verified)

- the image context menu was cleaned up for 0.8
- apart from the rotation icons, you know you can change the toolbar yourself?

by Birdy (not verified)

Nice to hear that for 0.8 there was some cleanup. And yes, I know how to customize a toolbar. But the most important buttons (rotate left, rotate right) are not possible to add :-(

by Domi (not verified)

I really like digiKam, great job!

But I would like that there are buttons (in the toolbar) to rotate the image because they are really important, I think.

by Hans (not verified)

The toolbar not really adjustable because it is not possible to add plugin actions into it. For example you can't add a button for lossless rotate or for colour adjustments.
That's bad, really bad.

by Dan Leinir Turt... (not verified)

"* Are the browsing buttons in the toolbar used by anyone?!?"

Yes, me ;) And anyone else, i presume, who keeps collections of pictures that need to be swapped through to see them at a larger than the very ample 256x256 size thumbnails :)

by MamiyaOtaru (not verified)

One thing I really miss going from an older version to a newer one (I'm not on my comp atm, might screw up the version numbers) is being able to view an image in full size from the camera.

I think it was 6.x, I could get a window with thumbnails of all the images on a camera, that I could then delete, download or view. I could doubleclick on a thumbnail and see it in full size.

In 7.x, a window shows up with thumbnails of all the images on the camera, but I cannot see the full size image without first transferring it over to the hard drive. If there is a way to view the full image directly from the camera, well it isn't exactly obvious ;)

It is IMHO a bit of a step back, and why I downgraded to 6.x. Sometimes It's nice to be able to weed out images before putting them on the HD. Of course you have to transfer them to view them anyway, but at least you don't have to switch to the destination folder to purge, creating and deleting a file, which is possibly on a fat partition leading to etra fragmentation. Also nice if you want to look at someone's pics on their camera without putting them on the HD first.

It's hardly a bad thing to be able to doubleclick on a thumbnail and view the full image straight from a camera is it?

by rinse (not verified)

"which is possibly on a fat partition leading to extra fragmentation."

Everything you do on a fat partition wil lead to fragmentation :)

by rinse (not verified)

" It's hardly a bad thing to be able to doubleclick on a thumbnail and view the full image straight from a camera is it? "

Tried this on digikam 0.7.4, and when I single click on an image in the camera interface of digiKam, it opens a new window with the image full screen.

by Dandy (not verified)

digiKam is just a cheap copy of other photo managing software. As soon as some people gave good comments about other projects suddenly it also was in digiKam. Instead of working together with others they prefer to go for themselves. DigiKam gets bloated, it lost something. I rather go for another project.

by ac (not verified)

Then why do you comment here to begin with?

by Dandy (not verified)

because it's free to, isn't it?

by Roberto Alsina (not verified)

Nope. One thing I learned long ago is that nothing is free.

Specifically, stating one's opinion **always** has an associated cost.

by ac (not verified)

The guy said 'it's free to', not 'it's free' ;)

He probably meant freedom, not associated costs.

Which reminds me that it just cost me time to post this :)

by David Costa (not verified)

I agree. I personally use FLPhoto. Functional, light interface, just what I want.

Anyway, kudos for digikam.

by rinse (not verified)

Looks a bit like showfoto :)

by Gilles Caulier (not verified)

> digiKam is just a cheap copy of other photo managing software.

==> digiKam is a photograph management software. You can find similar features in other sofware.

> As soon as some people gave good comments about other projects suddenly it also was in digiKam.

==> It's free to credit digiKam around the world

> Instead of working together with others they prefer to go for themselves.

==> Completly wrong : kipi-plugins is a framework to share plugins between other images managment softwares !!! Before to said any cretic, please take any information about digikam & co.

> DigiKam gets bloated, it lost something.

==> Yes digiKam have lost a stupid kde users ! Have you take a look in manual for example. Can you give me any other open source project with a complete handbook like digiKam ? Have you an idea about any time digiKam team working on ? I'm sure that you not developper!

> I rather go for another project.

==> Yes, a "GTK" project like for example...

Gilles Caulier
digiKam developper !!!

by Dandy (not verified)

It's nice to see how some people can't handle criticism... even if the criticism is as bad as the mine... I did not even give any facts or reasons...

"You can find similar features in other software."
--> and they were first, so it still is a copy... but you are right, somebody should gather the good stuff and put it in one application...

"Yes digiKam have lost a stupid kde users"
--> so who should that be? Can something loose someone when not having it in the first place? Oh, and if you mean me, you don't even know me and judge me to be stupid... That behavior is somewhat childish... and you are a digiKam dev? rrrright

"Have you an idea about any time digiKam team working on ?"
--> I do, I know how much time it takes to develop applications. digiKam is no exception i believe but it also is nothing special there. I bet even smaller apps took a _lot_ of time to develop. Every application does and I appreciate all that work of those great people spending that much time so that I can enjoy such a great desktop with such great applications.

"I'm sure that you not developper!"
--> right you are _sure_? You must be divine or something... knowing stuff you can't actually know.

Yes, a "GTK" project like for example...
--> No, why should I? Qt is great. This sounds very narrow minded... Be it GTK or Qt. It does not matter. It's the idea that counts. But maybe that is not your opinion

I think I was wrong with that "going for themselves". The plugins prove the opposite. I'm sorry for that. It's actually great how you put all that stuff under one hood. Now I'm just a little bit disappointed about parts of your comment...

Anyway, best of luck for the project.


by Dolio (not verified)

Perhaps he couldn't "handle criticism" because you just lobbed a bunch of unconstructive insults his way. You called his work bloated and a cheap copy of other applications, yet gave no real examples or ideas for improvement.

Your initial post wasn't criticism, it was just a useless insult. How did you expect him to react?

by Gilles Caulier (not verified)

Absolutly, and i had not time to lost with him (:=)))


Gilles Caulier

by Dandy (not verified)

haha, and reacting to such a post in that way... that's even more sad than the original post in the first place. And I myself do even have the curage to say that I was wrong in a point of my posts... he did not... so I still assume he is some holy guy?

Best Regards.

by uddw (not verified)

Interesting. So what is the original that was so badly copied by digikam?
I'd love to have something better than digikam for KDE :D

by Jörn Ahrens (not verified)

Your so innovative patches are always welcome, thanks!
Oh, where are your patches, proposals, I haven't got anything.
Yeah, you're right, bashing other peoples work is much easier :-)
Thanks for choosing another project.

by Paulo Eduardo Neves (not verified)

A list of best linux applications without amarok can't be serious.

by leeghoofd (not verified)

Amarok is in the list?

by brockers (not verified)

Ya, Amarok came in second to XMMS. This reminds me a little of the "user polls" where sh wins for favorite shell. Users don't know any better and are fairly uneducated about the specific software choice and so pick something they have heard of. XMMS stinks (even from a simplicity standpoint.) Amarok is possibly the best audo player on any platform... there is simply no comparision.


by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

This is quite absurde...we are currently in 2005 and a so unusable and file-oriented music player still wins prizes?
Really, I don't understand.
(amarok rocks!)

by Iñaki (not verified)

Fucking Gnome users, all of them use XMMS and they think that XMMS is a Gnome application... juas juas, it's just Gtk application.

Of course amaroK is modern and better than XMMS, the only thing of XMMS that is better is the engine, faster than amaroK (using arts, xine or gstreamer).

by brockers (not verified)

The dang kicker to this is that amaroK can use the XMMS engine. Like amaroK but want to use the XMMS engine? No problem....


by Dan Leinir Turt... (not verified)

Yes problem, the XMMS engine, as you call it, is not a playback engine - it's used for grabbing and using the XMMS visualisations ;)

by Barefooted (not verified)

Maybe it's because it "Just Works (tm)" and fits most users needs just perfectly?
I prefer using amaroK, but XMMS still has it's benefits.

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

Well, mpg123 and ogg123 too "just work (TM)", and they are lighter than XMMS, so why people are using it? :P

by Barefooted (not verified)

Maybe it's hard to manage Playlists with [mpg|ogg]123 and they want something visually more appealing than a console? ;-)

by ac (not verified)

Precisely. they want playlist management, but not too good, and they want it more visually appealing than a console, but less than amarok :)

Or maybe they didn't try it out. Why would they? Most people don't use the best software, they just use the best known.

Maybe 'we' should spread the word?

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

> Maybe 'we' should spread the word?

Don't worry, I'm already doing it :)

by Anonymous (not verified)

Hey, let 'em suffer. We are already happily enjoying Amarok :-)

by Francisco Salsicha (not verified)

I guess it's because the lighter interface. I'm still using noatun, and I might jump for XMMS if noatun wasn't shipped with my distro.

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

So is the majority of people running Linux on really old hardware? and so why didn't FMWM win the desktop prize?

by Morty (not verified)

No, but I don't think people want a low priority backround task, like playing music, steal too much of the total CPU power.

by Davide Ferrari (not verified)

I was ironic :) to me, it's clear that XMMS is the most voted due to ignorance of amarok existance and may be due to the "geek factor", amaroK is too simple and powerful for a true geek :)

by Hans (not verified)

AmaroK often crashes.

That's the reason many people stick to xmms which "just works".

by Frank Roscher (not verified)

Do you perhaps use a HyperThreading-enabled CPU and an SMP-kernel? That's the only situation which causes frequent amaroK crashes that I know of, and probably it isn't even amaroK's fault, but a bug in the kernel or in low-level libraries - unfortunately, nobody seems to know for sure.


by fast_rizwaan (not verified)

I love kaffeine, but the only bad thing with kaffeine is that it crashes konqueror, and the bug is not related to xorg, as the kaffeine author assumes.

Kaffeine is a very good media player, and it will be *the best* media player if it supports fully embedded media in konqueror.

After KDE 3.2, kaffeine crashes konqueror (still on kde 3.5 svn) on rtsp sites :( like www.dishant.com etc.