KDE-Artists.org: amaroK and Kontact Artwork Challenges

The amaroK developers are currently working on the 1.3 release of their live
. If you are an Open Source artist and are interested in creating the amaroK 1.3 live CD artwork then join the 7 day artwork challenge. Excellent prizes await the winner. The CD will include songs from Magnatune, the "open music record label". These songs are "free as
in free music". In other artwork-related news the logo contest for Kontact has come to an end with over 60 individual pieces of artwork submitted by 24 artists. The winner, who will receive a Wacom Graphic tablet, will be announced soon.

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by fennes (not verified)

What is used by musicians for free music?


by Sam Weber (not verified)

Rosegarden is mainly for use in composing and synthesizing AFAIK. Probably
audacity[1] is your best choice for actual recording.


by Jani Huhtanen (not verified)

ZynAddSubFX is used by many as a synthesizer. It really is amazingly powerful tool. It really dropped my jaw when I first heard all the rich sounds it can produce. http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net/

Hydrogen is a really promising drum machine. http://www.hydrogen-music.org/

by ac (not verified)


There is no comparison, not even Audacity can hold against this baby.

by Sam Weber (not verified)

I've never seen that before, looks very good.


by Anonymous Bastard (not verified)

The only problem I have with ardour is the interface, not only is it GTK 1.x
it's _butt_ ugly. I'd love to see an high end multi track recording software
written in QT. Maybe Muse will become that someday?

by cies breijs (not verified)

see muse and rosegarden

ardour has still the most features, but you'll need a soudeditor like adacity along with it (to convert files)

by Robert (not verified)

Take a look at all the jack compatible apps on http://jackit.sourceforge.net/apps/

All jack apps can have their inputs and outputs plugged into each other, making a very powerful audio platform.

by annma (not verified)

Wow, amazing logos! Can't decide which looks the best. I enjoyed reading Frank Schoep account with his ideas shaping up!
Bravo to all the artists!

As for amaroK Live CD, can we buy it or is it only on download? I absolutely need one to show around! Such a great idea to pack it with free music!

by Mark Kretschmann (not verified)

"As for amaroK Live CD, can we buy it or is it only on download?"

Great idea! Do you know of a service that would handle burning and selling the CDs for us?

by Spy Hunter (not verified)

Perhaps lincd.com or www.edmunds-enterprises.com/linux/ or cheapbytes.com or any of the other numerous places which already sell cheap linux CDs would offer the Amarok live CD if it was suggested. I'll bet they would be especially happy to do so if Amarok agreed to publicise the availability of said CDs on the dot or amarok.kde.org or other amarok-related places.

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

There actually is cafepress-type service for CDs and books, I forget its name though.