KDE at the Ohio LinuxFest 2005

KDE will be present at the Ohio LinuxFest 2005. Aaron Seigo, KDE developer, will be talking at the conference and KDE will have an exhibit in the .org section of the expo area. The Ohio LinuxFest 2005 is a free conference and event for free software enthusiasts in Columbus, Ohio on October 1, 2005. See the schedule and registration page for more information.

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by p0z3r (not verified)

I'll also be there helping with the KDE booth.
Be sure to come and say hi.


by Chris (not verified)

This isn't 100% on topic, but I was wondering if there are any such events in Southern California. I'd love to be able to meet and mingle with fellow KDE peeps in my own area. Maybe even help with a booth.

by Michael Meffie (not verified)

Yes, SCALE is in Feb 06, http://www.socallinuxexpo.com/
For those in the NorthWest, there is LinuxFest Northwest, http://www.linuxnorthwest.org/

by Jeff K (not verified)

How about in the NYC area? Thanks

by Michael Meffie (not verified)

I don't know... maybe the Ohio LinuxFest 2005 :)

by Ryan (not verified)

OSDW will be in San Diego in October 12-15. That's in California. ;)