Aaron Seigo on the Upcoming OSDW in San Diego

The upcoming Open Source Desktop Workshop in San Deigo is fast approaching. Slides are being prepared, tutorials developed and registration is filling up fast. OSNews points to an interview with Aaron Seigo by Wade Olsen about expectations for the upcoming inaugural event. Find out if KDE will be visiting any more world renowned beaches in the months ahead.

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by Michael Jahn (not verified)

"an interview with Aaron Siego" - you probably want to correct his name :-)

by cm (not verified)

...and while you're at it: San Deigo -> San Diego

by AC (not verified)

I've long wondered how his last name is pronounced. Anyone?

by bsander (not verified)

"psycho" ;)

by Boemer (not verified)

it isn't that bad I hope :-)

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

That i before e rule is just a load of BS apparently.