KDE at German Events, October 2005

October in Germany is filled with a lot of local Free Software events and KDE
is present at them. Join us first at Berlinux 2005 on Fri October 21 and Sat 22. Then we are off to Dresden for Linux-Info-Tag Dresden 2005 on Sat October 29. Read on for how we'll be helping the users to explore the full range of wonders in KDE.

Berlinux takes place at Berlin's Technical University. Ellen
Reitmayr, Oswald Buddenhagen, Stephan Binner and some others will run a booth
and demonstrate the latest of KDE.

At Linux-Info-Tag Dresden, which takes place at Dresden's Technical University
(see a pattern?), the KDE stand will
be run by Carsten Niehaus and Tobias König with sporadic help from Josef
Spillner, Konrad Rosenbaum and Friedrich Kossebau. Our stall will be next to
Skolelinux and will
emphasise KDE-Edu and KDE-PIM.
An additional talk by Tobias König (in German) will give information about the current state and future plans of KDE.

Other events which currently have no KDE presence yet planned are Oldenburger Linux-Informationstag
and the Linux-Infotag in
, both at Saturday, October 15th. Let kde-promo know if you can give KDE some face there too.

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by Bram Schoenmakers (not verified)

It's great to hear that KDE shows it's face on so many places. I was a bit worried about KDE Germany, because I didn't hear much of them. Despite the incredible amount of people using/developing KDE in Germany.
But this proves you guys are doing great work on the promotional part.

by Carsten Niehaus (not verified)

Yes, especially with the LinuxTag, the biggest linux-fair in europe I thing and the CeBIT, the biggest IT-fair in the world. Both always have KDE-developers attending :)

Systems will happen next week and we are in need for some people
staffing the booth. So if you can help us for 1-2 days please send me an email.