Oxygen Icons Website Launched

David Vignoni, Kenneth Wimer and Nuno Pinheiro, 3 of KDE's finest artists, are very proud to present the Oxygen website, explaining what Oxygen is and the direction it is going in. Oxygen is the new icon theme being created for KDE4. Everything started in March 2005 when a bunch of KDE contributors met in Berlin to form the Appeal Project with the goal to promote KDE related projects and to push the open source desktop to another level. Oxygen aims to bring a modern, cool and very usable and consistent icon theme, in SVG format. In addition to high quality design, Oxygen also promotes technological innovation and increased usability by proposing new file interaction methods, animated effects and the intelligent use of SVGs.

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by Torsten Rahn (not verified)

This is very impressive work you guys have done with Oxygen. Hats off to Everaldos Crystal and Clear-E as well as it brought KDE's look and feel for KDE 3 to new levels and was certainly the most successful icon theme in the open source world since it started.

But KDE 4 needs to have a new look and feel which still has its roots in Crystal and is innovative enough to bring in fresh new air and breaks with some of Crystals "trends". I think that Oxygen delivers this exactly.
Of course there are still lots of rough edges and as someone who has seen the Oxygen presentation at Malaga I can assure that this is just a sneak preview with many more details for technical and usability improvements yet to come.
Remember that we are still at a very early stage.

For all the people who worry about openness and license I can assure you the best as well: To initiate a project you always need a small team of people who have a vision and who try to build the base and direction. It was like that for Crystal (which originated in Conectiva's offices). And it was like that for Tango (which was kept secret by NDL's for almost a year inside Novell until it was published). So be patient and give your constructive input to our three artist heros. Oxygen will be opened more and more rapidly just as it worked with all previous iconthemes.
Concerning license and trademarks KDE e.V. will take care that Oxygen will be licensed under a license which is in the spirit of previous iconsets used by default in KDE.


Torsten Rahn

by David Vignoni (not verified)

Torsten, I also would like to add that oxygen icons will be realeased with sources (in the form of SVG files) from the beginning, so sure you can say this is an open source project.

by Anonymous Coward (not verified)

Please, be kind with the actions. I hate having a rainbow up there. Please consider redesigning the icon if the only method of identification is the colour. I believe I read somewhere that someone claimed each icon should be identifiable as a greyscale. Please keep in mind the amount of colours you use in the actions.