KDE 3.5 Released

The KDE Project is happy to announce a new major release of the award-winning K Desktop Environment. Many features have been added or refined, making KDE 3.5 the most complete, stable and integrated free desktop environment available. For a quick look at some of the new features see the visual guide to KDE 3.5. Packages are available now for ArchLinux, Kubuntu, Slackware and SuSE or try Konstruct to build it yourself.

Notable changes include:

  • Konqueror is the second major web browser to pass the Acid2 CSS test, ahead of Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Konqueror can also free webpages from adverts with its new ad-block feature
  • SuperKaramba is included in KDE, providing well-integrated and easy-to-install widgets for the user's desktop
  • Kopete has support for MSN and Yahoo! webcams
  • The edutainment module has three new applications (KGeography, Kanagram and blinKen), and has seen huge improvements in Kalzium

Stephan Kulow, KDE Release Coordinator, said: "The improvements made in the past year show how mature the KDE Project is. KDE is the most powerful desktop environment and development platform in the market. With huge changes expected in KDE 4, our next release, KDE 3.5 should provide users with the perfect productivity platform for the next couple of years."

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by Milan Svoboda (not verified)

KDE 3.5 is very good and the most important - it is fast. Really fast!

by Nassos Kourentas (not verified)

This is indeed the best version of KDE out in the wild so far!

Congratulations to all that have contributed one way or another!

Judging from the level of quality of this brand new version, one can only be rather optimistic about the future!

Thank you very much once again!


by 2rpi (not verified)

I hope now that KDE 3 is stable and optimized we can see some new and useful applications being developed for it. I am thinking business apps for which there is nothing like Quick Books or Act for small businesses depend on. I know my buisness would buy them and even pay the equivelent price of the MS equivelent.
I wish somebody with more brains and talent then me would copy almost verbatim the functionality of Act or Quickbooks and sell it to small business like mine. They'd make a small fortune and do the world some good.

KDE is such a great desktop. Linux is a great OS so how about some great business apps.

by infosrama (not verified)


by Mathias (not verified)

especially for redhat enterprise products, like AS3 and/or ES4?

and no, konstruct is NOT an option. not on my office pc that i use for my daily work.

The KDE project doesn't create any binary packages. The binary packages available on the download pages are provided by the distributors or individuals. If you don't find any packages for your product this either means that the distributor didn't create any or that he didn't offer them for download on the KDE server for some reason (e.g. policy).

So I suggest you look for them on the Redhat website and/or contact them about this issue.

by Anonymous (not verified)

http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net in "testing" repository

by Apollo Creed (not verified)

I'm giving in! I switched from Konq to Firefox somewhere around KDE 3.3, but Konqueror is again ahead of Firefox. I'm switching back, the heated hound can say what he wants.

by Nisse (not verified)

Why does it take so long for kopete to startup? For me it takes several minutes before i can start use it. It plopp up as an icon directly.

by Steven J (not verified)

Disable statistics plugin.

by Maarten Rütten (not verified)

Great recommendation. :-) It's the difference between 2 seconds and half a minute of starting up.

by pin007 (not verified)

This is really great. This statistics plugin (which gather "useful statistics"), is nightmare. After disabling kopete starts is 3seconds! With this plugin enabled it was 2minutes.

by Khaitu (not verified)

With this release, it is finally simple enough to install a pretty much working version of kdelibs and kdebase on a Mac without having to use the X11 server! This is a great accomplishment as now I can finally replace Finder with Konqueror retaining such things as Drag & Drop support and fonts that work.
Thanks to the KDE people.

by plazzmex (not verified)

I have a KDE 3.3.2 in Debian linux (sarge,stable)
where can i find the kde 3.5 packages for debian sarge ??
thanks for advance!

by JackieBrown (not verified)

They have just entered unstable a few days ago.