KDE 3.5 Based Pardus 1.0 Released

Turkish distribution Pardus, one of the first GNU/Linux distributions to feature KDE 3.5 as its desktop, has announced its first stable release. All Pardus specific desktop applications, including the installer and package manager are developed using the powerful KDE and Qt libraries. KDE was chosen to be the default desktop environment for its extendability and close integration of applications. Pardus is funded and developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey and expects to make some major KDE rollouts in the Turkish public sector in 2006.


Pardus has been a real success after a long development period. The evolutionary approach in its underlying infrastructure is interesting and promising. Starting from 1.1, we will be looking for interested developers - after documenting the major parts, i.e PiSi, ÇOMAR and YALI.

By Görkem Çetin at Fri, 2005/12/30 - 6:00am

I'm so glad to hear that at least some distro is using KDE based installer and package manager.

congrats! and Happy New Year!!!

By Asif Ali Rizwaan at Fri, 2005/12/30 - 6:00am

hey, what about suse? yast is all Qt... :D

By superstoned at Fri, 2005/12/30 - 6:00am

Yep, and the KControl integration is the cherry on top of the cake. ;)

By blacksheep at Fri, 2005/12/30 - 6:00am

Yes, but the question is why gui administration backends cannot be unified. The only way to do it is to integrate it into KDE so vendors need to privide interfaces. YaST is open source GPL. Hope it will get fully ported to Debian.

By gerd at Fri, 2005/12/30 - 6:00am

> The only way to do it is to integrate it into KDE so vendors
> need to privide interfaces.

That's false.
First of all, YaST has been close software for quite a long time, only recently was GPL'd, and I remember the said integration at least since SuSE 7.0.

The thing is that the KDE libraries are under the LGPL. Therefore you CAN link closed software to them. You just need to pay Trolltech for the Qt commercial license.

By blacksheep at Sat, 2005/12/31 - 6:00am

Non, in contrary to what you said YaST was never closed software but has been available with sources all the time. However before it was licensed under GPL it had a clause that you may only spread it in non-commercial ways and have to get code changes back to SuSE.

By ac at Sat, 2005/12/31 - 6:00am

Okay. s/"close source"/"not GPL compatible"/g
My point remains.

By blacksheep at Sat, 2005/12/31 - 6:00am

...more than one year ago


...only recently

YaST was always "open Source".

Now it is GPL. Time to integrate it and ship YaST backend components with KDE as default.

We have basically three - four important Desktop Linux families
* Redhat
* Suse/Novell with YaST
* Mandrake
* Debian

The user does not care whether configuration stuff is distribtion or desktop environment related. When I have a problem with my mouse I want to change the configuration. Both YaST and KControl modules are relevant here. We need only one module.

The Desktop Environment, here KDE, has the possibility to dictate the configuration backend. A power that has to be used because Distributors are unable to make the necessary changes on their own to get compatibility with other distributions.

By gerd at Sun, 2006/01/01 - 6:00am

> yast is all Qt

No. The Qt frontend is, not more.

By Anonymous at Sun, 2006/01/01 - 6:00am

For some screenshots, check Caglar's web page at

By Görkem Çetin at Sat, 2005/12/31 - 6:00am

Looks nice, but for more information:

By Anonymous Coward at Wed, 2006/01/11 - 6:00am

This is a very good Linux distribution. I think it deserves atleast one test by everyone.

By exe at Fri, 2006/02/17 - 6:00am