New KDE Localization Website

After 6 months of development, the KDE Localization (l10n) website has been launched replacing the old It uses the default KDE layout, and its admins hope this site will help the KDE translation process work better than ever. Read on for the details.

This refactoring, for the moment, mostly modifies scripts, pages, and styles on the site. As you can see there are no main differences between features of this site and the old one. In fact, we hope this site will be the beginning of new ideas that people could have to improve the translation and internationalization processes in the KDE project.

This big updating was also the opportunity to rewrite the scripts which generate translation status pages of each teams and packages. They are now easier to use, and can be integrated quickly in other open source projects.

Subsites of each teams now use the KDE PHP framework, and can easily respect look and feel. Some sites are already doing the conversion like the French site or the Greek site.

The next big step will probably be the integration of a PO file management interface, to allow KDE translation teams defining specifical translator per file, to avoid duplicated work.

Of course, the rewrite of the previous website will have probably added some bugs, so do not hesitate to contact admins if you find any problem (broken links, strange behavior, etc)

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by Vlad Blanton (not verified)

Hurray! The last few weeks seem to have been pretty active on the translation front.

Just a quick note, isn't the new l10n website also the new home for documentation in general, not just translation related stuff?

I'm looking forward to the coming year.

Vlad Blanton

by Nicolas Ternisien (not verified)

Yes, you're right, there are some very good documentation on how to write a docbook or stuff like that.

The l10n name has been chosen because has already been taken ;-)

by Ian Monroe (not verified)

I like the irony of the link to a site titled Localization being spelled Localisation. :)

by Nicolas Ternisien (not verified)

Yes, I was very tired the day I wrote this news ...

And I'm french of course ;-)

by Patrick Trettenbrein (not verified)

I've got no idea if the word "Καλώς" got a meaning. If not, wouldn't it be nice to spell other umlauts correctly? "très" and "über" are not too difficult to spell :)

If you just wanted to use chars that cause surprise to all americans which heavn't seen umlauts before I'd recommend something like: "The dìvërßîtý õf låñgüâgés dept." -> "The diversity of languages dept." ;)

"Καλώς" is Greek for beautiful.

But I agree that spelling "très" and "über" correctly would be nice.


Hm, there seems to be a bug in the web software that encodes Greek letters twice, leading to this strange "Καλώ&#9" line.

by Gr8teful (not verified)

> Congratulations for attempting to post to KDE Dot News!

When I saw "It uses the default KDE layout", I thought: "Cool!", but alas it's something totally different... it's the KDE _website_ layout.

What I thought could be implemented thusly: you are running a program, you see a badly translated menu text, you right-click on it and bingo... you can choose to email the app mantainer (or translator) what the right expression would be.


"piece of cake!" --> "é sopa!" (it's soup!)

"outline" (text view mode) --> "lista de tópicos" (topic list)
"outline" (hollow font) --> "contorno" (border) (and not topic list!)

Just an idea... Sorry if it already works this way somehow and I didn't see it...


by Donatas G. (not verified)

"Subsites of each teams now use the KDE PHP framework, and can easily respect look and feel."

Where can I find more info about this framework? Would need it to restructure Lithuanian team site.