2.0.2 Includes More KDE Features 2.0.2 has been announced. Among other new features, fixes, and improvements, this version contains the KDE Addressbook Connector by Éric Bischoff, and Crystal icons from KDE, many newly created by Nuno Pinheiro and Robert Wadley. The Crystal icon set for OOo is not yet complete have a look at the status page if you are interested in helping. Both the KDE Addressbook Connector and the Crystal icons were already available in ooo-build, so you may already have them if your distribution uses ooo-build as a base for the packages.

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by ZACK (not verified)

The OO can now use the KDE file picker - great. However, the KDE file picker is opened as a standalone application (it has its own button on the taskbar with ugly X icon and is not modal to the OO window). If I close the main OO window the file picker remains open (!!!) and after I select a file with it and click OK than it crashes.

Very sad.

by blacksheep (not verified)

That is so to avoid linkage (making OOo even more heavy) and make things more configurable. I think worse than that is that other protocols than file:/ won't work.