KDE Day at FISL Streaming Now

The International Free Software Forum is currently being held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. InfomediaTV are now streaming KDE day hosted by Helio Castro and starring many of KDE's best developers. The streaming uses a Java applet or open the Ogg Theora stream directly.

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by Taupter (Cláudi... (not verified)

/me cries out loud because he couldn't attend to the event...

by pinheiro (not verified)

i miss that :( dude im furius!
can some one please point me to a link were to find a recording of that interview?

by Luke Parry (not verified)

The LInk is slow right now, so i will try later, that is the only thing, we need to get people to record them and put the videos on *good* servers

by David (not verified)

Someone got the video on another Server? Seems the link is dead and i'd really like to see it.