amaroK 1.4: Rediscover More of Your Music

The amaroK team have announced the official release of amaroK 1.4, and the launch of the Fast Forward series, the cheeky successor to the well-received Airborne series. Fast Forward comes with improved media device support, featuring enhanced iPod support that handles the latest iPod devices, support for IFP/IRiver devices, a new plugin for generic media devices, and the ability to handle as many of these devices as you'd like.

Changes to the way song lyrics are fetched mean you're now able to write scripts for your favorite lyrics site. The collection scanner has moved to its own process, keeping amaroK more responsive and stable.

One of the most requested features, user-chosen song ratings, has made it into amaroK 1.4 Fast Forward as a complement to the automated score system, allowing you to set a song's quality from 1 to 5 points, as well as the ability to use these ratings when creating smart playlists.

Rediscover more of your music! amaroK now has tag support for Ogg, MP3, MP4/AAC, FLAC and Real Media, allowing all these music formats to be added to your collection.

Check out all the new features in the What's new in Fast Forward guide and get futher information about this new amaroK release at A list of current available packages is online in the amaroK wiki.

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by CplusGod (not verified)

Well, for many reasons. One, it would be cool to have a central location where all of your media files can be played. Also, amaroK has such a good UI that it would only be a compliment to have video support. Video iPods, anyone?

by Tristan Grimaux (not verified)

Many music clips are videos, right now. On Xmms, I listen to the music an eventually, a small window with a video pops up and if I want to, I view it on fullscreen, and If I don't, just stays there on top, while I work.