KDE Libs Hackers to Meet for KDE Four Core

In another event in the series of meetings leading to the KDE 4.0 release, the developers of the core libraries will meet in the Norwegian woods (this bird has flown) from July 1st to July 7th. This meeting, co-sponsored by Trolltech and SUSE, is labelled KDE Four Core, as it is intended to be the direct successor of the KDE Three Beta and KDE Three meetings, that led to the refining of KDE releases 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. But, unlike those, this meeting is only one in a series of "KDE Four" meetings, that started with KDE Four Multimedia.

KDE Four Core has been organised by the Technical Working Group and aims at stabilising kdelibs, kdebase and the new module kdepimlibs and to lay foundation to the porting and development of the KDE 4.0 applications. For this reason and to create a group with coherent focus, the number of developers invited was limited to 24, selected among those who are most active in the porting efforts of the target modules. The meeting has been timed so that most of the new technologies are in the Subversion repository already, but sufficient time is left for other meetings before the final "sprint", which is expected to happen during the aKademy 2006 hacking sessions.

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by tobias (not verified)

I fully agree. I'm using S.u.S.E Linux since version 4.4.1 (early 1997) and used every version of Suse on my privat computer as well as on Linux servers. Suse 10.1 is the first verion I can not recommend to neither a linux beginner nor for use on servers due to the many problems: slow package manager, faulty update system, and missing wlan support for many cards.

by Laur (not verified)

I do agree with the package management problem. It's valid and it's a big one. It also makes 10.1 feel like a beta release. IMO, this sort of bugs in a distribution are showstoppers, and no one should announce "victory" in such a state.

I know it's rather easy to comment on other's people work, but things are quite simple: if your new and shiny piece of software doesn't work, put the old one in and woo everyone with a well marketed upgrade when it does.

As for the "why gnome and not kde anymore" rants, I've read a couple of paragraphs somewhere where it gives an explanation: KDE looks disjoint. It's a technological marvel (and v4 will be even more so), but there is no coherence between projects/apps. The SLED review on
make the case: it doesn't look stitched together. That's why banshee popped up: it integrates better with gnome than amarok.

That said, I hope that kde 4 will address the usability and coherency issues that made gnome the default choice in SLED. personally I see gnome as a short term (a couple of years) perferred option; with KDE coming in with v4, where apps will have the same paradigm and guidelines, better integration (like "send this ... to mail recipient" from anywhere you are or beagle search)

Also, not the "web 2.0" trends these days: clear, spaced components, very easy to identify visually. Kde is not like that now. SLED tends to be.

by Anonymous (not verified)

"Default desktop" doesn't mean "sole desktop" so I don't see a discrepancy between speech and behavior.

by superstoned (not verified)

It's not just about that, I don't care what desktop is their default. But why do they need to introduce crappy Ximian stuff to the previously working and stable KDE desktop? They're f***ing Suse up, that's what I don't like. And it might just be a coincidence that its mostly GTK/mono stuff that's bad, and it might be a coincidence that with more Ximian influence Suse gets less stable, but it might also be the cause...