OpenDocument Day at aKademy

This year at aKademy, Tuesday 26th September will be OpenDocument Day. The OpenDocument format (ODF) is a Free document file format for saving and exchanging office documents. KOffice was the first office suite to support OpenDocument and other programs have been following suit. OpenDocument Day at aKademy offers software developers interested in ODF to exchange ideas, build relations and collaborate on all things ODF in an informal setting. Interested parties are being invited from several organisations and companies with an interest in the future of document exchange. For more information see the aKademy OpenDocument Day wiki page.

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by Hamster (not verified)

Akademy or aKademy? for once :)

by Kurt Pfeifle (not verified)

In Ludwigsburg 2004, when we first used this code name for the big annual KDE meeting, we deliberately picked the "aKademy" spelling, for various reasons. The most valid one is this:

* it makes the term look more uniq, and therefor easier to differentiate from the more generic words "academy" or "Akademy" (which are valid words in more than one language).

So if someone a bit familiar in KDE parses "aKademy" inside a larger chunk of test he'd know more quickly about the specific meaning of this word. (It's also easier to establish as a "household name" if you use a slightly modified spelling...)

Kurt (who does not know if anyone has changed that "policy" in the meantime)

by Navindra Umanee (not verified)

I don't know... but I'm tired of constantly fixing it back... :)

by funbar (not verified)

Or shorter:


by Firetech (not verified)

That sounds more like a weapon to me ;)
(Think AK-47)

by Vlad Blanton (not verified)

wouldn't that be:

aK6, or aK2006


by funbar (not verified)

aK + 5 letters

by pascal (not verified)

It's also quite tiresome to get two notifications from akregator(RSS) every time because the title has changed :-(

by Anon (not verified)

YOu may as well have called it aKDEmy for all the fucking sense it makes